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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 363

 Well.... I already blogged about the weekend.... Stacey's ice cream flavor at Rockies and my adventure weekend in Snow Canyon with Kyle and seeing my BFF Lolly at her Cabin. There isn't really much else to say that hasn't already been written about.

Tuesday my boss was sad and even though she was not at work because she took some time off to do some early spring cleaning... I asked her if there was anything that I could do to help her with her sadness. I know she likes to see movies, and it was Tuesday... which meant $5 movies... so I suggested seeing a movie. She was excited and told me she really wanted to see John Wick Chapter 2. I had never seen John Wick .... but if that is what she wanted to see, I would see it with her. So I met her at the movies later that night and saw her movie. I HATED it. Way too much violence for me. I spent half of the movie looking away. She likes that kind of stuff though... so if it made her happy... whatever. I don't recommend it and I will absolutely never see it again.

Wednesday, Stacey called me and asked me what I was doing. Of course I wasn't doing anything...  I'm usually not. So we went to Beto's. Why? So that we could talk about Cancun and his Europe trip. It had been a while since we had gotten together to catch up and we have started a tradition. Our tradition is eating Beto's while talking about our trips... the good and the bad. It is a fun tradition that I enjoy. Besides the random people that come up to Stacey and want a picture with him because of his fame. Ugh. It would be nice to go out and not be bothered by other people.... but he is cool about it, so I should be too. Anyway.... we stayed up super late eating Mexican food and laughing at stories from our trips and having a blast as we always do.

AAAAAAAANNDDDD..... that is it. Guess I am still recovering from the weekend. Also, I have told myself that not all weeks can be jam packed with excitement. It is ok to have normal weeks that are relaxed and routine. Just not too many weeks in a row. :)

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