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Sunday, March 26, 2017

9th Year Blogiversary

My blogiversary was a few days back. I almost forgot about it and almost forgot that I review my year on my blogiversary. How could I forget when I have been doing it for so many years? I don't know... but here we go.

What did I accomplish in my last year?

1 - I went to the Festival of Colors for my 9th year. Went with Stacey this time
2 - I was a model for my friend Josh and wore a dress he made for the Trash n Fashion Show
3 - Went to the Sun Tunnels for the first time and made some amazing new friends in the process
4 - Started redecorating my rooms
5 - Went to the Lantern Fest for the second time
6 - Saw my niece perform in Hope of America show
7 - Went to Capitol Reef National Park for the first time
8 - Bought a Paddle Board
9 - Went to Puerto Rico with my friend Lexi
10 - Kayaked in Bio Bay off an island of Puerto Rico which is one of the best bio bays in the world
11 - Went Cave Exploring in Puerto Rico
12 - Watched lots of summer fireworks
13 - Started working out with my personal trainer, Josh
14 - Sister Jamie and fam came to visit and we went on a sister hike to Stewart Falls
15 - Went paddle boarding with Becca (the one who introduced me to paddle boarding) at Silver Lake
16 - Nephew Lincoln was born
17 - Cousin Lisa was in town and we hiked to Lisa Falls
18 - LOTS of hikes and paddle boarding and summer adventures with my friend Kyle
19 - Threw more themed dinner parties for my friends (they keep getting better and better)
20 - Went to Havasupai for the 2nd time
21 - Went hiking in the wild flowers up in the mountains with my friend Lacy
22 - Went to the Provo Rooftop concert for the 3rd time
23 - Went to the Payson Salmon Supper for the 4th time
24 - Went to Lagoon (for work) for the first time. Went with Lacy
25 - Continued taking my nieces and nephews out for birthday treats
26 - Went to see Josh Groban in concert for the 3rd time. This time for free with VIP tickets
27 - Went to the Drive in theater for the first time in YEARS with MacKenzie
28 - Saw the Grid competition (it's like Cross Fit on Crack)
29 - Went to the Boyz II Men Concert (also for free) and got to shake hands with one of them
30 - Went to Grand Teton and Yellowstone with new friend Hillary
31 - Went to nephew Grant's baptism
32 - Got my eyebrows microbladed (Best decision ever)
33 - New Fish (Luna) that cousin Dave bought me died. Bought new Beta fish named Bowie
34 - Sister Lori and family came to town
35 - Got to celebrate Lori and William's birthday's while they were in town
36 - Had a couple picnic's in the mountains
37 - Started getting surprise boxes, like FabFitFun & Cairn. It's like Christmas every month
38 - Hiked to the Spanish Fork Hot Springs with Jaylene
39 - Went to Thriller show for the 2nd time (free tickets from Hillary)
40 - Put on an epic surprise birthday party for Kristy and Jess for their 40th Birthday
41 - Went to Witches Night out with Cousin's wife Heather
42 - Contributed to Halloween Dinner for the kids for the 6th time
43 - Went to see Catch Me if You Can at the Hale with my mom
44 - Went to Israel
45 - Went to Jordan
46 - Met up with my friend Deb from Switzerland to travel the Middle East
47 - Had a week fling with a Jewish guy while staying in Jerusalem
48 - Went to where Jesus was born in Bethlahem
49 - Walked through the Garden of Gethsemane
50 - Watched the Sunset from the Mount of Olives
51 - Floated in the Dead Sea
52 - Worshiped at the Western Wall at the beginning of Sabbath
53 - Explored Petra (Another Wonder of the Wold)
54 - Was invited for tea in a local's cave in Petra (took a Donkey ride there)
55 - Saw Petra by Night (Magical)
56 - Stayed in a Bedouin Camp
57 - Went on a 2 day camel trek through the Wadi Rum desert
58 - Went to the MoTab Christmas concert for the 3rd time. Went with my mom and aunt Joanne. Thank you for the ticket's Desiree!
59 - Went out for Sushi for my birthday with Kyle
60 - Had a family party for my Birthday
61 - Went to see the Lights at Temple Square by myself in the rain on Christmas Eve
62 - Binge watched an entire show in one sitting with Stacey
63 - Recorded a Christmas dance with Stacey in onsie PJ's
64 - Went to Cancun, Mexico for the first time (went with Jaylene and her friends)
65 - Went Scuba diving in Cancun (got a sweet picture with a sea turtle)
66 - First scuba dive at an underwater museum
67 - Went to (and explored) Chichen Itza (Another Wonder of the World checked off the list)
68 - Swam in a Cenote in Mexico
69 - Celebrated New Years Eve and the New Year with fireworks in downtown Cancun Mexico
70 - Got to be on a warm beach while everyone else was back home in the snow
71 - Attended Paint Nite for the 2nd time (with my new co-worker, Candice)
72 - Had lots of features on lots of Instagram accounts which got me lots more followers on Instagram
73 - Went to the Ice Castles for the 2nd time with Lacy
74 - Kristy started up monthly card making with my mom and I
75 -  Went snow shoeing to camp in a yurt for the 4th year
76 - Went to a John Allred concert at the Velour with Kyle
77 - Had a craft night with MacKenzie and painted planters
78 - Went to Rockwell to get ice cream to support Stacey having his own flavor of ice cream there
79 - Went on a weekend road trip with Kyle to Snow Canyon and met an awesome group
80 - Hung out with Lolly at her new cabin in the mountains of Cedar City
81 - Celebrated 8 years of working at Novell/ Micro Focus
82 - Went to Iceland
83 - Saw the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) for the first time
84 - Explored a naturally formed Ice Cave
85 - Snuggled with an Icelandic Horse
86 - Walked on Crystal Beach in Iceland
87 - Quit my personal trainer, Josh and started working out with Jack at the gym at work (he plays Ruby for BYU)
88 - Took my mom out for her birthday to see the new Beauty and the Beast in the IMAX theater in luxury seats
89 - Bought a new memory foam bed
90 - Still only have 71 followers on the blog (does anyone read blogs anymore?) and my blog has been visited 205,079 times

Another great year! Can't wait to see what this year brings me!

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