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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Holi - Festival of Colors - Take 10

10 years going to the Festival of Colors! I must love it. ha ha. It's true. It is a fun festival that for some reason I haven't gotten sick of and I continue to find people to go with me every year. Not sure how much longer that will last. Last year, I went with Stacey. This year Kyle went with me. I love that about Kyle. He is always up for whatever adventure of festival I want to go to.

Every year my face looks different. It is like new art every year. ha ha. This is what my face ended up looking like this time.

Kyle and I enjoyed hanging out and taking pictures. It's what we both love to do. We stayed for a couple of throwings and then went home to clean up. Always a fun and positive festival.

This year, this was my best shot. And guess what? It ended up getting featured on WeRUtah Instagram account. It has A TON of followers. Since they have featured me a couple of other times, they gave me my own hashtag. ha ha. I felt special. Happy Spring! Happy Holi!

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