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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 368

Starting where I left off in my exciting life....

Friday I went to Ikea after work with my co-worker Drew. We both have exciting lives.... Friday night shopping at Ikea. I know I know. He was nice enough to help me shop for a bed frame for my new bed. I'm very indecisive so it is good to have someone to talk things through with. We were there until it closed.... but I did end up picking a frame that I am happy with.

Saturday was gloomy so I stayed in bed. Nothing new there... I like to stay in bed on Saturday anyway because I can. Good enough reason right? Anyway... Eli ended up texting me (you know... my Jerusalem boyfriend) and I told him I was just laying in bed not doing anything, so he decided to video chat with me. We had only done that once before and it wasn't for super long... but I had forgotten how different conversations are when you video chat with someone so far away. You can tease each other, you can see each other's facial expressions when you are talking. It's nice. We ended up talking for 3 hours! Seriously. We have fun chatting and we get each other. So it was nice to catch up face to face. After that I met up with Kyle and we went to Bowl of Heaven. We were going to do something outdoors... but with the rain, we both just decided to get something healthyish to eat instead. Hanging out is better than not doing anything at all. Later that night I hung out with Rachel. We just went to get dinner and hang out at her house. Nothing exciting. But again... better to do nothing with someone else than do nothing by myself. I enjoy having company. It's the extrovert in me.

LATER... after I got home from Rachel's house late and was in bed, Tyler shows up at my house. I told him not to come over because I was tired... but he said all he wanted to do was come hear about my Iceland trip and then he would go home. Wasn't trying to get anything physical out of me... just wanted to see me and hear about my trip because he hadn't seen me in a long time and then would go home. Have I told her he lives a half hour away? It's true. He was going to drive a half hour just to hear me talk about my trip and then drive a half hour back. I couldn't argue with that... so I told him he could. He can be sweet... but he can also be a pain. We have an interesting friendship.

Oh and I forgot! I went to the Festival of Colors for the 10th year in a row! Kyle went with me and we went to take pictures... which I think I got at least one good one. I always have these visions of getting these amazing pictures... but then get a couple of ok ones. It is fun to go anyway and Kyle and I always have fun on our little adventures.

Sunday was dinner with the family and Dale and Teresa came over. Always fun when they stop by. Love them. They are so fun to talk to... so I always stick around longer than usual when they are there.

Monday after work I went back over to Rachel's house because she had rented Moana and I hadn't seen it yet and heard that it was really cute. So I watched it over at her house. It was super cute. Will it be one that I own? We shall see. Maybe.

Tuesday after work I didn't do anything.

Wednesday I had to work late... like until 9. So that was a buzz kill for my evening... except that I probably wouldn't have done anything... so maybe it isn't a buzz kill because at least I was getting paid over-time.

Tonight? No plans again.... just watching tv while I blog. I know... the exciting life of Tracy.  I know I know... I'm normal. Not everyday can be filled with excitement. I just feel lame when I have nothing to report.

We will see what next week has in store.

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