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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 367

March is coming to a close. Went by fast... which is good. Let's get Winter over with! Am I right? Taking a vacation in March was a good idea.

Starting where I left off... Friday after work, the weather was nice so I decided to hammock at the park. My favorite. While I was relaxing in the hammock, I got a call from my mother. She didn't have anyone to go to the play at the Hale with her, so since I didn't have any plans, I told her I would go with her.

So I went home and changed and my mom came and got me and off we were to the Hale Theater in Orem. We saw "Peter and the Star catcher" which I had not only never seen, but I had never heard of it. It is a SUPER small theater so they have to be creative with set and scene changes. It was very busy and hard to follow at first, but the second half got a lot better. It was a very upbeat and cute show. Nice little outing with my mom.

Saturday I decided to drive up to Sandy to check out the REI sale. Never a bad thing to get sweet camping gear on sale. I ended up getting some shorts for swimming for SUPER cheap. I also got a new sleeping pad which I am SUPER excited about. Not only is it super light and compact but my hips don't touch the floor when on my side. They really have engineered awesome outdoor gear these days.

Later I met up with Kyle at Utah Lake. It was such a nice day. It was the end of March and 80 degrees outside! Amazing. So we had to paddle board. I just met Kyle at the lake without getting my paddle board because I didn't think I would have enough time because he said he didn't have very long... but it didn't matter. Because I bought my paddle board from the company at Utah Lake, they just let me borrow their paddle boards for free instead of having to rent them like everyone else. Not only that but they gave me a free drink too. They are awesome and Kyle and his friends and I had a great time paddle boarding and soaking in the sun. Made us excited for summer.

A little later, after the lake, I met up with Candice and Drew from work. We got dinner and I made a sheet cake and baked it at Drew's house and made the icing there. We just hung out and saw Drew's place for the first time and just talked and laughed and had a good time while eating yummy cake. I like having work friends. It is a new thing for me since working at Novell. Well... not that I haven't had work friends... but single work friends that I can hang out with. That is new since I have been working there. I like it. It's nice.

Sunday I went to church. I also had my first Mid Singles Activities Meeting. Pretty sure they already hate me. Maybe that is good, then they will fire me from my new calling that I don't like. I'm super opinionated and question a lot of the things we do as single adults. At our age, nobody wants to do them anymore... so why are we doing them? That is what I'm saying. Anyway...  I gave them my opinion on everything whether they liked it or not.

After that it was straight to family dinner. My favorite part of Sunday. Sorry Jesus... it's nothing against you, I just don't really like my ward. Plus, my family is pretty awesome... you gave them to me so you would know.

After chillin with the family, Stacey came over and gave me a pep talk on meal prep. He told me we were going to do it together and because of that I was on board. However... he is super busy and it never happened... therefore my fresh food went bad and I never meal prepped because I hate meal prep which is why I never did it to begin with. And to be perfectly honest, I don't have the room in my refrigerator to store a bunch of food for the week. I'm sure Stacey will check in on my later and I will just have to be honest... I won't do it unless he does it with me because I just don't have the motivation to do it on my own. True story.

Tuesday I got together with my old roommate, Meg, after work. We met up in American Fork (in the middle of the both of us) and got Indian food and caught up because I hadn't seen her since before she had her first kid and she is pregnant with her second so.... it had been a while. I'm glad that we decided to get together and talk and catch up though. She is so fun and is such a great friend. We decided that we need to get together more often. So we are going to try and be better at that.

Wednesday after work, I went to the movies with my mom. I always love going to the movies, so that was fun.

And that was my week! Not too busy, not boring. A good balance.  :)

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