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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Jökulsárlón - Glacier Lagoon/ Crystal Beach, Iceland

Day 2 in Iceland we drove 4 hours to Jokulsarlon to see the Glacier Lagoon and Crystal Beach. Also the Ice Caves... but that was the main event, so I will do a separate blog post about that.

It was as cold as it looks... but it is also so beautiful and different than a lot of other places I have been to. I think this is the most North I have ever been in the world. With that brings some new sites because of the different climate. I loved watching 4 different seals swim around these huge icebergs.

Crystal Beach was also super unique. Black sand beach from the volcano's but ice scattered everywhere from the glaciers. So rad. If it weren't so darn windy and rainy and cold... I would have loved to spend more time here taking pictures.

Such a rad place. Also found out they did some of the filming for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty here. This was definitely one of the highlights of Iceland for me.

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