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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 364

Another week gone.

I didn't do anything on Friday, and I blogged about snowshoeing with Lacy on Saturday. After we got done snowshoeing, we went out to eat at Rumbi's. Had fun getting some grub while chatting it up. It is fun that we can spend all day together and then want to continue the fun hanging out more while we eat. Sometimes I forget that she is married. I love that she wants to go on adventures with a single friend and that her husband doesn't care. I have hung out with him before when we went to Lagoon together. Super cool guy. I'm glad he thinks I am cool so Lacy and I can have more adventures together in the future.

After my fun day with Lacy, I met up with MacKenzie, Allison and Daniel to watch Blacklist. Our little tradition that we have started. We had two episodes to watch. So we grabbed Sodalicious as we always do. They also got food, but I had just eaten so I skipped that. Then we watched our show and then stayed for hours after the chat and catch up. I always love our little get togethers.

Sunday I went to church.... after church of course I had family dinner. After dinner, Kristy brought stuff for us to make cards again. So we did that which has become a fun little activity for us to do. I need to start using my cards now! After making cards, I headed to my cousin Dave and Heather's house. We needed to have a cousin meeting. They had asked me if I wanted to move in with them but I needed to start making plans and I had no idea when that move in would take place. So I needed to find that out. So we talked about that and of course a lot of other stuff because I don't see them a lot and we had a lot to catch up on. I love my cousins. They are the best. So much fun. I really need to hang out with all of them more often. I am trying to make the effort to do so... but life gets busy. I will keep trying though. I have always focused so much on friends my entire life. Of course friends are important and great... but the older I get, I have come to realize that family is the most important and the ones that you will be with forever... so I have become more picky with who I spend my time with the older I get and I want to spend more time with family.

Monday was another busy day. I had work all day. I had to work a little later than usual because it is month end and they are wanting to get all caught up. Then my good friend Daniel had asked me if I would come to his ward's talent show so that I could take pictures because his co-chair didn't find someone to do that like she was supposed to. Daniel has done so many favors for me, of course I would do this for him. I didn't want to go a lone, since I didn't know many people and I have been out of the singles ward for a while now... so I dragged MacKenzie with me. Love that girl. So we watched the long talent show and got scraps of food towards the end. The talent show was OK.... Daniel's was last and was the best. He and our friend Tom did the dance from Napoleon Dynamite. I talked to a few people I knew after... like Tanner. He is super nice. He was roommates with Ty because Ty got married. We seem to run into each other a lot in random places. So it was fun catching up with him for a little bit.

Then MacKenzie and I left for our Monday night tradition. Watching the Bachelor with her roommates. So we did that and then of course I stayed and talked with them until midnight. ManKenzie and I can just talk and talk. I really miss living with her. But I probably am more productive now that she isn't living with me. ha ha.

Tuesday I had to work a little late again because it was the last day of the month. Trying to get all those orders in. Which has nothing to do with me... but I have to help peer check. Anyway... after work I ran to Thanksgiving Point to meet up with Desiree to see a movie. We went and watched Hidden Figures. SOOO good. There were several times during the movie that I just wanted to stand up and clap. ha ha. I love movies like that. Movies that are based off of inspiring true stories are always great movies. We both loved it and of course it is always good to see Desiree. She is such a great friend.

Wednesday I got together with Julia again for our little singing sessions. We are still in the beginning phases and are most just talking about what we want out of this entire thing and we also get distracted a lot with chatting about other things going on in our lives. Either way... it's a good thing. It has become a little bit of music therapy. I am excited about the songs we are going to be singing and potentially writing. I miss singing so I am totally excited about this. We also have similar taste in music. So a fun night with Julia. I just need to get better at the guitar so that I can play with her. I will work on that.

That brings me to tonight. I had a date with a guy that I met online, named Drew. He lives in Salt Lake, so we met in Lehi and went out for smoothies. It was simple and we just chatted and got to know each other. Grew up in the church but left.... like so many of the guys I meet. Makes me wonder if that is just my pool now and if I want to get married I might have to give up the idea of getting married in the temple. I hope not. I'm trying not to give up hope, but my dating pool hasn't helped. It was a fine date. Did we have a fun chat. Yes. Was he nice? Yep. Was there a spark? Not really. Do I think we will go out again? Probably not. I'm totally fine with that because I wasn't really excited about this guy or this date. It was just a nice time. So no mom... you don't need to ask me about this guy. It won't go anywhere. :)

And that is my week. A busy one this week. I like them this way... but I should use my time better at home when I do have a lot of nights with no plans. I should be spring cleaning. I need to finish my book of my trip to the Middle East. I REALLY need to finish my Havasupai video so my friends stop bugging me and also so I am not SUPER far behind. Ha ha... yeah... I need to stay more productive when I am home. I just wish I weren't so tired by the time I get home. Oh well. I will get there.


Lynette Mills said...

Ha ha, okay, I won't ask ...

Aaron Vasquez said...

Are you too picky when it comes to men ? Cuz there are smart funny Latter Day Saints that u pass up. Cuz u r too hung up on looks and it's not fair

Tracy Mills said...

Hi Aaron... I don't know who you are, but you have no right to call me picky. You don't know me at all even though you may think you do from reading my blog. I date a variety of guys. I am not hung up on looks. There are plenty of "hot guys" that I have no interest in because of crappy personalities. And there are guys that I have dated that have very average looks that I have been very attracted to because they were stellar guys. So maybe you shouldn't judge someone you have never met nor talked to before. I haven't walked in your shoes and you haven't walked in mine.