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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Package From My Sister Lori

I have been wanting skulls with antlers attached. Why? I think they are cool and want to use them in my decorating.

I always look for them when I am hiking in the mountains but I never find them. I found a rotting deer once on a hike with some antlers on it. But I would have to come back like in a month and hope that the bones were still there and that another animal hadn't dragged it off. I just haven't had the best luck.

I was mentioning my want of skulls while Lori was in town once. She said, we have one at our house that was found near their house. She didn't care to have it and said she would give it to me. Several months went by and I kind of forgot about it. Then I came home to a box from my sister, Lori.

I was so excited. Not only was the skull rad with some awesome antlers, but I loved the box that she sent it in. She put a message for every holiday since it came in March and she was going to send it for my birthday. It made me smile.

Thank you Lori! I will send you a pic when I finally find the perfect place for it. Love you!

1 comment:

Lori said...

Ha Ha, glad it made it in one piece in my homemade box! I'm glad it brings you joy and I hope you find the perfect spot :) Love you so much!