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Friday, August 13, 2010


I totally did not go to Denver by myself. And I now have the pictures to prove it! Thanks Maria & Lorelie for giving me your pictures.

Look at all the fun we had! Love these girls. So this post I showed everything we did with no people in them. So here are the same events with the people.

At the cute little Italian Cafe that we ate at, we happened to use the restroom. Inside the restroom, there was a picture on the wall of a Lavender Field. Remember our Lavender Field photo shoot? Well... of course we had to get a picture frolicking next to it. :o)

Red Rock!

Wearing hats at the Molly Brown Museum.
I heart Sweets!

We bought pretty parasol's at the Dragon Boat Festival.

And... of course we took those pretty parasol's to the Garden of the Gods. (Yes, we got funny looks from people)

At the air-force base, pretending to fly.

I love travel adventures! I can't wait until my next one!


THE LIZARD'S said...

i really ,like those umbrella ...parasail things.. i forgot what you called them. so festive and pretty!

jamie hixon said...

Love the pictures, and I second Lolly.

Dallas and Kirsten said...

Where did you get that awesome purse and shirt you were wearing? I swear you are the best dressed person I know!

T-Ray said...

Wow, thanks Kirst! That means a lot coming from a well dressed lady.
Shirt is from Buckle
Purse is from Dress Barn. Bought at the outlets in St George. The purse is purple inside. It pretty much rocks.