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Monday, October 18, 2010

Playing, Playing With The Boys.

On Sunday night, I made dinner for these boys. Why? Because I miss hanging out with them. When I worked at Apx, I got to see these boys all the time. Not only did I work with a couple of them, but we enjoyed each others company so much that we would hang out after work and on the weekends too. (which is how I met the other boys) We had so much fun together. Then I got a boyfriend (that I dated for a year) and now I work for Novell. So we never see each other anymore. Two years later, some of the boys moved into my stake... so I started seeing them around. I get so excited every time I see them. So... hopefully this dinner is the start of us hanging out again.  Plus that, I could use breaks from hanging out with girls. Guys are so much more laid back, more funny.... I just love hanging out with guys.

There was supposed to be one more guy that came (Jordan) but he decided to take off to Vegas last minute. Whatever. So in this picture we have..... (from left to right)

Big Nate - I met him through Nick, Trev & Jordy. They all lived in the same complex, Carriage Cove. Nate also traveled with me and Jordy to Guatemala. So we have really bonded. Since I last ran into Nate (which was in Apple Bee's many months ago) he has now grown out his hair and beard and looks like a mountain man that is ready to go chop down a tree.

Nick- I met him at Apx when I moved over to Record Management. He was a scanner boy that drank an energy drink a day and flirted with all the ladies... including his boss. He is from Chicago and served his mission in Ventura, California (which is the mission that serves in my hometown of Santa B). Has a goofy / awesome laugh.

Trever- Also met him at Apx when I moved to RM. Also a scanner boy that drank an energy drink a day. He pretty much did whatever Nick did. Tev is from Wisconsin, but also served in the California Ventura mission, where he met Nick. Also lived at Carriage Cove.

Eric- Met him through Nick & Jordy. He was then and is now their roommate, so when we hung out after work, Eric usually came along. He didn't work at Apx when I worked there, but he does now. He is a summer sales guy. He is half French, treats you right away like you have been friends for a long time.  You could say that Eric and I have a ..... close relationship in a different way than I had with the guys that I worked with. ;o)  He even asks me to pop his zits for him.... and I actually do it. Gross.  (sorry TMI)

In conclusion, I love these boys. I have a lot of fun memories with them and they make me laugh. Now that they live up the street from me, I hope we hang out lots more in the future. Big Nate even mentioned trying to get Culture Night set up again. I loved Culture Night, so I would be pretty happy about that.

P.S. Before they left, they had me experience the "Hug Train". They all lined up to hug me, but they hugged me in creepy ways (not creepy bad, creepy funny... hard to explain). It was very funny. I guess they did this to a girl in their old ward and she told the Bishop and soon after that he got up in Sacrament meeting and told them they should no longer hug unless the girl initiates it. Ha ha ha. Obviously this girl didn't get that these guys were trying to be funny.


Kayleigh said...

I still remember overhearing the hilarious conversations you guys had! But of course you and I weren't really friends so I never said anything (and I was on the other row and didn't want to be rude/creepy!). Trev is SO funny though!

And, strangely enough some of my friends from my ward in Orem are friends with Jordan!

PS - Who is the hottie in the dress? Ow, ow!

Desiree' said...

So you have a close relationship with Eric, huh? Aside from the zits I'm liking that idea. You guys look super cute. Speaking of super cute you look A-MAZING! Makeup, hair, dress everything. You gorgeous girl!

jamie hixon said...

Half French, eh? Time to start dating Eric!!