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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beatles LOVE

This weekend I went to Las Vegas with a couple of friends in my ward. We went to attend a photography workshop on lighting. The workshop was all day today. It was really great... but I felt kind of lost. I need to buy some lighting equipment and I need to start practicing... a lot. The workshop was awesome though and I was blown away by these photographers. Their photos are incredible.

We are staying with my BFF Lolly. We came in late Friday night and were gone all day today.. I wanted to spend some quality time with my BFF. So we had a girls night on the town and went to see "Beatles LOVE". We both had never seen this show and had been wanting to. I have been talking about wanting to see it for the past year because I had heard it was so awesome. So... we got ready (I got Lollified) and took some pictures before we left. I love our girls night outings. I miss them.

We drove down to the strip to the Mirage Hotel & Casino and when I started to see the signs... I started to get more and more excited for the show. I have always wanted to see Cirque De Soleil. When we got to the theater, we got our tickets and I started to check out the theater. Kind of trippy in an awesome way. Kind of like what a lot of the Beatles music is. :o)

Then we sat down for our show. It was about an  hour and a half with no breaks. The whole show I sat in amazement watching them dance and do these amazing tricks that they make look so easy. It was always so visually pleasing too. Always doing something different. I think some of my favorite numbers was "Help" they did these cool roller skating tricks, I loved "Lucy in the sky with Diamonds" cause they made us look like we were in space. Also "Octopus's Garden" they had some amazing jelly fish costumes and did a good job of making it look like they were in the sea. They did a lot of really awesome things. I loved it. We both did. Makes me want to go back and see other Cirque De Soleil shows.

After the show we took a few pictures and headed back home. So glad that I got to see Lolly and that we could have a fun night out seeing an awesome show. It was great to get away for the weekend. Thanks Lolly!


Lynette Mills said...

very jealous. One day I will get to a show in Vegas!!

BRIAN said...

Good post! You described the show pretty well and those pics..you must have gotten them online..very nice collage of the show. I am so glad we went! Fun night out! You forgot to post about that night PART DUEX!!! You must tell!! or just email me the "other pics" at least. ha.ha

jamie hixon said...

I want to see that show!!
I saw O and loved it. I thought about it for a long time afterwards. Cirque du Soleil is awesome. I think the next time I go to Vegas I want to see all of their shows.