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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 55

Right now.... I am watching an interview on Piers Morgan. He is interviewing Matt Damon. I never really had an opinion about him. I think that when it comes to celebrities.... I assume the worst of them all. You see people like Charlie Sheen.... and it doesn't surprise me. Kind of sad right? Well... watching this interview with Matt Damon is REALLY refreshing. He is actually a really good guy. He even admitted that he has been totally disappointed in Obama. WHAT? A celeb not worshiping Obama? I didn't know that existed. He is a good family guy... won't be away from his wife and kids for more than 2 weeks when filming. The interview just keeps going and I just become more and more impressed with him. How did I not know this before?

I went back to tutoring and it was actually really good tonight. It was calm and people actually did their work and then played nicely. It was awesome. I worked with one of my favorite girls that has Bieber Fever. She had been gone for months because her mom died. We read "The Wizard of Oz" and I asked her what she wanted to do for play time and she said she didn't want to play any games... she just wanted to talk. I can appreciate heart to hearts because I sometimes go to my BFF neighbors house for that. Knowing that her mom just died.... I was more than willing to talk to her about it. Come to find out before her mom died she told her and her sister to move to Mexico away from their dad.... so next month she is moving to Mexico to live with her Uncle and going to be in a new school and a new place and she is used to being in an English speaking school and now she will be in an all Spanish school and will be behind for her age. As if the girl has not been through enough. My heart goes out to her. It really makes you think that the problems in your own life are not so bad.

In my last post I talked about my friend Rachel starting her blog up. Well.... Now you can check it out. She has been hard at work trying to get the right look for her blog. I think its cute. I have not really done much to help her, but I think we will get together this weekend and see what we can do to get it just the way she wants. If you want to check out "A Little Cuppa Tea" click here.

One of my friends came up to me the other night very excited to tell me something. We have had discussions in the past about hits on blogs and search engines and stuff. He told me that he wanted to look up the address of the "Blue Roof Chapel" and so he googled it. He said that #3 on the google list for that search was my blog with a post where I had mentioned it once. He thought that was so awesome that my blog would be that close to the top of the search engine. He said he hoped his blog would someday be that cool. Ha ha. I thought it was pretty funny that he was so excited about that. But its true... it is kind of cool.

Last Friday, our ward activity was speed dating with another ward in our stake. I had never tried speed dating before. 3 minutes is not very long to try and get to know someone and decide if you want to get to know them more. I did have two guys get my phone number that night. One of them got the phone number of every girl that he talked to that night, so I am not sure I feel that special... although power to him for getting numbers. I hope he uses some of them. Most guys didn't get any phone numbers. He knew a couple of my friends from Santa Barbara, so that was kind of cool. The other guy that got my phone number.... I had met before. I just forgot. He reminded me though and told me everything that he remembered about me from the first time we met. He has been wanting to come over and hang out with me, but I have been sick. I feel like I am seeing him everywhere I go now. The best part about the speed dating is that they provided gum and peppermint life savers at every table. Good call.

I went to one of my visiting teachee's house to drop off a plate of cookies (as mentioned in my earlier post) because I had not yet visited her and it was the last day of the month. Bad... I know, I usually am more on top of it. Anyway, her home teachers were there home teaching her and she invited me in to join in. One of the guys that was there was just a sub for the normal partner. The sub happened to be "Mr New Guy". He kept telling me that he would ask out girls and they would reject him because he was too good for them... and people think he is such a goodie goodie but then he gets judged all the time for how "wild" he is. Then as soon as the other guy started the spiritual thought... he asked if he could excuse himself to call a girl. Who does that during home teaching? Seriously. Sometimes people are too awkward for me to handle.

I finally finished my India book! I have only been talking about finishing for the past two months. But its done. So excited. Also... my living room is done. I just need to clear the clutter and hang my new Saree and I will be taking pictures to show you on my blog. I could not love my new couch more. The room turned out so awesome.

I just heard from a friend who is going to be at Stadium of Fire this year. Anyone else heard yet? DAVID ARCHULETA!!! I was soooo excited when she told me. The other singer is some country singer that I could care less about.... so the question is, do I try and get tickets to Stadium of Fire this year just to continue being a hardcore Archie fan even though I went to Stadium of Fire once and said I didn't care to go again? Something to think about.

I am FINALLY starting to get a little better. I have had this cough for almost two weeks now. I coughed so much that my voice was totally gone. It was gone for like 4 days. I think the worst part about it was not sounding totally pathetic, but the fact that I couldn't sing. My friend Wes and I like to sit next to each other in church because we make harmony together.... he heard me say hi to him when he sat next to me on Sunday and said "Oh no, how are we supposed to make harmony together?" ha ha... I tried so hard to sing and hit the notes. It was a challenge. Even not being able to sing out loud to my music in my office has been sad. My voice is not back to normal yet... but at least I am getting some pitch back to my voice.

Wow... that was a lot. Did you make it through that? I'm sorry... I guess I had a lot on my mind that I needed to confess about this past week. Thanks for reading.


Caytlin said...

I wondered the same thing about Stadium of Fire - I've been twice, and both times said it wasn't worth it. BUT every year when they announce the talent, I'm tempted :)

jamie hixon said...

Matt Damon hates Sarah Palin. A lot. But he is a pretty cool guy. And a fantastic actor!
My blog turns up near the top sometimes when you google "silver dresser". Odd but true fact.
Speed dating is fun, even with other girls. It sounds like the #2 guy that got your number had a thing for you.
Glad you are on the mend...

Lynette Mills said...

Sad about the little girl you tutor.

Lori said...

I have that same gnarley cough! It is the worst and lasts forever, i havent been able to sing either. My Brother in law looks like matt damon- so i'm a fan. Nice to hear good things about him. Can't wait to see pics of your living room!

Kayleigh said...

Matt Damon is a hottie no matter how you slice it!

That is so sad about the girl at tutoring :(

I'm actually kind of jealous about your speed dating. That sounds fun! But lame of the guy to get EVERY girl's number. And the fact that he told you? Double lame.

Mr. New Guy is a loser!!!

Lauren Graff said...

I love these "Confessions". Yes, i am blog stalking you right now! And I have to say the home teacher story killed me...He seems like a real weirdo!