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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 59

Today was such a beautiful day... I was so wishing that I could work outside. If only that were a possibility....

On Tuesday I got a massage from my good friend Cheryl. We had not traded since November. Can I tell you how great it was to get a massage again. I can totally tell a difference with my body. It was so so so great. It was great to see Cheryl again too and see her cute pregnant belly.

So... I guess I should probably report on my date with Dance Crush. On Monday night he took me to get Sushi. It was awesome. I decided that I don't eat enough sushi. We got all you can eat Sushi so he asked me if I was willing to try new things and I told him I would try anything... so he surprised me with what he would order. We would both try something at the same time and then he would tell me what it was. I tried eel and thought it was pretty good and I tried fish eggs.... not that great, but it didn't make me throw up. Anyway... the food was great. Dance crush was a perfect gentleman and we had great conversation and he is a great guy. Pretty funny too. Would I like to go out again? I would. Has he asked me yet? No. Is Mountain Man out of the picture? No. I didn't go country dancing this Wednesday and I got a text from Dance Crush saying he missed me and looked for me and hoped I would be there. I'm thinking we will go out again sometime.

So I am starting to love FHE again. Maybe its because I am not in charge anymore so its not as much pressure, maybe its because I just love hanging out with the guys in my FHE group... which my group is mostly guys because not a lot of people come. Those people don't know what they are missing out on though. The guys in my FHE group are SO funny. Right now we don't have a female leader, just James (pops) so... the activities are not great, but they are still entertaining. For example... this last week, we each drew a picture of a dream we have had... and then instead of us explaining our own dream we each put our drawings in the middle and then everyone picked a drawing and told a story as they interpreted the drawing. It was funny and ridiculous. That is what happens when guys run FHE. Its either that or we just eat food for the activity.

After the activity was over everyone went home and since I came late (because of my date) they were explaining to me what is going down next week for ward FHE and I ended up hanging out with these boys for like 2 hours. I was just sitting there chatting (my hair in long soft curls) and all of the sudden one of the guys says to me... "Your hair is like a flowing sea of seduction" and then they all started feeling my hair. I'm not going to lie... that is one of the coolest compliments I have received. Right up there with the guy that told me I sang like Karen Carpenter.

Back when I used to be the FHE mom in the summer we played this game called "Things". I was introduced to this game by my friend B-Rad and his wife Lauren. I thought it was a pretty awesome game. You get a question like "Things you wouldn't want said after a first date" and then everyone writes something down and you have to guess who said what and if someone guesses yours your out and they get a point. So we played this game and the question was... "Things you wouldn't want to find in your sandwich" and people wrote things like bugs, a finger... gross stuff, but then my BFF neighbor wrote a picture of Hitler. His roommate at the time thought it was so funny... they were laughing about it for days. He moved to Boston at the end of the Summer.... I thought it would be funny for him to randomly get a package of a sandwich with a picture of Hitler in it. He got that package on Tuesday and he thought it was pretty much the greatest thing ever. That is what I am here for... bring a little joy into people's lives by sending them a Hitler Sandwich. :o)


jamie hixon said...

I can't believe you sent someone a sandwich with a picture of Hitler in it. That is hilarious. Logan used to do stuff like that to us.
Dance crush sounds fun... surprise sushi, not so much. I hear fish eggs are really salty and gross.

Darrell said...


Lynette Mills said...

I love confession days!

Kristy said...

I love that you follow through with your ideas. Great fun.

THE LIZARD'S said...

wow, that is a VERY nice compliment and so poetic! glad you love FHE again and that you are having a good time getting to know more MEN in the UTAH state!