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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mr. Not Over My Ex

About a year ago... after my big break up... I decided I needed to get over it all and the best way to do that was to start going out again. Not that I hadn't gone out on any dates since I had broken up... but my heart wasn't really in it. There was this guy from online that wanted to take me out... so I thought I would give the online thing a shot. Trying to be positive. He lived in Salt Lake and was going to drive down to take me out to dinner.

He came and picked me up around 7 or so and took me to Spark which is a place near by. Its the perfect atmosphere to just chill and talk and get to know someone. I was all for it. I like Spark. We ordered dinner and a lot of the conversation was about health at first. He is a real health nut... but in the crazy organic way. If that makes any sense. I mean... I try to be healthy and everything... but I try not to obsess over it.
Then the conversation went to how much debt he was in and how girls don't want to date him because of how much debt he is in. Charming... well, at least he is honest.

The rest of the time was dedicated to talking about our ex's. You know you are on a good date if you have to talk about your ex's together. I hate that.... and am pretty sure I did NOT lead the conversation that direction even though I was the one that had most recently broken up from a serious relationship. In fact, he did most of the talking on this date. He started talking about his last ex and how she totally shattered his heart. He was so in love with her and they were getting serious and then all of the sudden she told him it was over. He told me how they met and had all these things in common and totally saw a future with her.

Mr. Not Over My Ex: "After we broke up she kept writing me like she wanted to be friends, but I couldn't do that. I told her to stop writing me but she wouldn't stop. She would find reasons to write me."

Me: "I'm sorry, that's hard. I like to be friends after I break up with someone too, but its understandable if you were not over her that you needed your space."

Mr. Not Over My Ex: "Yeah, well... it got to the point where I blocked her emails so that they would go straight to the trash and not my inbox. So I don't respond to anything she sends."

Me: "Really? How do you do that? That could come in handy for me with some people."

Mr. Not Over My Ex: "Well,  I just programed it so that anytime anything cane from TB it went straight to my trash."

Me: "mmm interesting" *without asking what TB stood for*

Mr. Not Over My Ex: "Tessa was her name."

Me: "Wait.... Tessa _____? " *I start to laugh*

Mr. Not Over My Ex: "Why are you laughing? You don't know her do you?"

Me: "Yes. She was my roommate when I lived at the Devonshire actually." *still laughing*

Mr. Not Over My Ex: "..... oh.... how is she doing?"

Me: "Oh, she is doing well. I have not seen her in a couple of years, but we have been writing lately talking about maybe going on a trip this summer."

Mr. Not Over My Ex: "Please don't tell her that we went out or anything that I said."

Ha ha ha... what are the chances? I thought it was pretty funny/awesome. Ha talked my ear off until midnight at Spark. I finally had to hint that I was tired and ready to go home. Somewhere in the date he also mentioned "If we end up together" which I kind of hate for some reason. All in all the date was not terrible, but it wasn't awesome and I wasn't really that interested in going out with him again. He called me the next week but I was in AZ. I more just thought it was funny. The whole date with him going off on his ex and wondering who the girl was... and then happening to know her. Well, it changed my thoughts completely about everything he had been saying about his ex.

All I can say is... Its a small world after all. And I love it.


Tessa and Adam said...

Weird! I thought you were going to say Tessa BERRY! I was like, I am not guilty. I don't know that guy! lol.

Tracy said...

Ha ha ha... I thought you might think that. Its not you.

Lori said...

That is funny- small world indeed!