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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kesler Photoshoot

My friend Rachel's family owns a beautiful Husky named Kesler. Back on our Denver trip we talked about doing a photoshoot with Kes in the Winter... with a sled. Well... now that Winter is almost over, we decided to do the photoshoot. ha ha. We didn't have a cute sled, but even if we did... not sure that it would have been much use. It was pretty hard to get him to stay still to take pictures. We got a few though and it was still fun. And we met some people while we were taking pictures.... you will have to wait for confessions for that story though.

Anyway... here are a few of the pictures we got of me with the beautiful Mr. Kesler. :o)


Lynette Mills said...

He is a very beautiful dog... love the blue eyes. You both look great in the snow!

Dallas and Kirsten said...

You look gorgeous in these pics! Seriously beautiful! Haven't seen snow in forever, forgot how pretty it is :)