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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chocolate Chip Oreo's

Have you ever had a cookie within a cookie? No? Well.... maybe you should try it.

Get some cookie dough and put it around an Oreo cookie.... then bake it.Yum! Why do I love sweets so much?

Last month I was a slacker and didn't visit teach until the last day of the month... so I thought I would make up for myself by bringing a plate of goodies.

All I am saying.... is later I got a facebook message from my visiting teachee that said this...

"tracy. i'm pretty sure that a cookie inside a cookie is my new favorite food. Thanks for hanging out tonight, i had a blast!"


jamie hixon said...

That almost reminds me of fried ice cream or deep fried twinkies. If I ate those I'm pretty sure I would gain at least 5 pounds immediately.

Karen Ella said...

Sitting here marveling at the pure ingenuity of this sheer brilliance...

Lori said...

At Christmas time in trader joes, they have a candy cane joe joe dipped in chocolate... it is the best thing ever! Kinda like a cookie in a cookie. I will have to try this double troube cookie baking sometime :)