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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 56

I was ready for this work week to be over before it even started. It has been as slow as I anticipated. On another note, today was BEAUTIFUL! It was the first time in a long time that I went to work without a jacket. In fact, it was so nice today that on my lunch break, I went out to my car and I took a nap. The car kept all the heat in and the sun was shining on me. It felt so good. I didn't even eat anything... just slept in my car for my lunch break...

That might have something to do with the fact that I got little sleep last night, so my want for sleep overpowered my want for food. You are probably wondering what I was doing until 3:15 in the morning. After Institute I went to my Temple & Tutoring BFF's house to play a little more "Just Dance" on the Wii. There is a little competition going on right now between a few friends. We each pick a song, dance the song three times and add all of those scores together. We then record our scores on our little group we started on facebook. I started doing that... but then of course we wanted to keep playing. We were actually good and turned off the game a little after 11pm with the best intentions to go to bed after that. But I sat down to rest for a second and we got to talking... and when we start talking, we get into some intense awesome conversation. She did used to be my visiting teacher after all. :o) She doesn't have a working clock down in the basement so we talked and talked and then I finally decided to go and we looked at the our phones and it was 3:15! We were shocked. Then I still had to go home and get ready for bed so add whatever time onto that and you can figure that I was pretty tired going into work this morning.

I went country dancing again on Saturday. I had fun... but not quite as much fun as the first time I went. I think the reason why is because there were a lot of couples that were there as a date night and not quite as many singles. I asked one of the regulars which night was better and he told me Wednesday... so I think if I go from now on, I will just go on Wednesdays. You are probably wondering about the guys that I danced with and if my dance crush was there. I think I may leave it for its own separate post. I mean... I need more guy stories right? I did have fun that night, but I will just say that I left with mixed emotions.

My Stake President (President Baker) lead the CES fireside this last Sunday. I thought that was pretty awesome.... probably because I adore my stake presidency with all of my heart. He is such a good man and did an awesome job with conducting for Elder L. Tom Perry. Way to go Pres. Baker!

So I have been trying to put my myself out there more... that includes sharing my blog. I am often inspired by other bloggers.. so why not try and do the same for other people if I can? Well.... I submitted some of my parties on this one blog, "Tip Junkies". She featured my Harry Potter Party and posted a link to my blog post about the party. That in itself was cool. I got a couple of comments about how cool the party was which was great. What I was surprised by is that she posted my party, and within a few days my blog had gotten several hundred hits (and counting) and my Harry Potter Party not only went to my top 10 most viewed posts (which it wasn't on the list before) to being the #1 most viewed post on my blog. Within days! I find that quite amazing. A LOT of people follow Tip Junkie... that's all I'm saying.

My newest shopaholic addiction is Boutiques. How does this addiction affect me? Love/ Hate relationship with shopping. I have been to several boutiques now. They are more low key, out of the way and decorated REALLY cute. I love being able to go and find original pieces of clothing. Finding awesome boutiques is like finding hidden treasure. Where does the hate come in? Boutiques tend to be more expensive. Since boutiques have more unique stuff and are constantly getting new stuff... you tend to want to buy everything you like, therefore end up spending a lot of money. Cure to addiction- keep this brunette away and out of site of boutiques!

Went to tutoring again tonight. During play time I was talking to the girl with major Bieber Fever. She was giving me the latest update on Justin Bieber and then we started talking about which of his songs are our favorite. Sara and I started singing "Baby" and some of the other kids were saying how much they HATED Bieber. So... we started singing it more just to tease them, cause its fun. I asked this one kid that said he hated Bieber who he liked listening to. He told me PitBull & Eminem. I should have figured it would be some of the most unwholesome hip hop and rap artists. So we kept singing Bieber and the kid looks at me and says "If I have to listen to anyone else sing Justin Bieber songs, I am jumping right out of that window". I think at that age its not very cool to like that type of music... even if you secretly do. I am guessing most of the kids secretly do... and probably saw the movie too. I haven't yet... but I plan to. I mean... rotten tomatoes gave it a 94%. That is impressive!


William said...

I can't believe how late you can stay up... you are crazy! Actually, I remember when I used to do it all the time too, those were the days :)

William said...

Whoops, i'm logged in as Billy I guess :) Love you sis!

jamie hixon said...

I heard that the Bieber movie was really cute. I wouldn't mind watching it, but I will probably wait for netflix.

I know what you mean about boutiques.

That is cool that your HP party was featured and that it made such a big difference on your blog. Crazy!

I am anxiously awaiting your country dancing report!