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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Silly String

Last night I planned to go dancing with my friend and old co-worker Kayleigh. I was just about to get on the freeway when my friend Allyson text asking me what I was doing that night. Right then I called her, turned around and got her and then we drove to Salt Lake together to meet up with Kayleigh. I got to see Kayleigh's cute new place and then we headed to the dance club. There were hundreds of people there.

The point of this dance was not just to have a fun dance party... but they were trying to break the Guinness Book of World Record for the most Silly String being sprayed at the same time. I'm not sure they broke the record... but it was kind of fun to be in a room with a lot of Silly String going all over the place. Although the fumes in the room because of that were pretty bad. And people were chucking the cans when they were done and one landed on my foot... and that hurt pretty bad. And the silly string made the floor really slippery after and it made dancing pretty interesting after that.

The dance was overpriced and the DJ wasn't very good and the club was full of young skanky girls... however, we still had fun... because we love to dance. Also, I have to admit that my favorite part of the night was when we discovered these 3 black guys dancing. They were just by themselves at the end of the room... away from everyone else. For the most part, black guys are very good dancers. Just comes natural to them I think. Just like I think they are naturally funnier than other people. The reason we had fun watching them is because not only were they good, and not being dirty... but they were also dancing in the form of different sports. Every change of song, they would change the sport that they would dance / act out. First it was basketball, then baseball. My favorite is when they started dancing while jump roping. They were so perfectly in sync that you would have thought there was really a rope there! I'm telling you, they were good! And to put dance creatively into that. I have to say it was quite entertaining and I loved how much fun they were having off by themselves. They didn't feel like they needed to get down a dirty with the skanky girls. They didn't know I was watching... but it was fun for me to guess the next thing they were dancing out. :o) Good times.

Here we are dancing and sporting our wrist bands. P.S. Isn't Allyson looking so hot with her new hair cut?

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jamie hixon said...

Cool graffiti wall. I don't think I would like it if a can of anything fell on any part of my body.
You should have gone up and talked to the sports dancers. They sounded cool.