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Friday, March 4, 2011

Flashback Friday 2

This weeks flashback takes us back to Spring 2005. I was living at the Riviera at the time and a member of my bishopric was the Captain of the Orem Utah Fire Department. We had a ward auction. For the auction we used food... each item of food was worth a different amount of points. My roommates and I got a bunch of cans and such and decided we would put all of our goods together to win something awesome together. They gave us a list of what everyone was auctioning off. We saw that the member of our bishopric was auctioning off a ride on a fire truck... so we bid everything that we all had together and WON!!!

So we planned a day. Somehow we didn't all go together. Two of the roommates went without Tammy and I. They got to go for a few hours. So.... Tammy and I planned our day at the fire station. They showed us around the station. We got introduced to all the cute boys that worked there. They let us put on the gear and climb up the latter (part way) and then we went on our fire engine ride. That is all we thought we were getting....

But then they got an emergency call and told us that one of us could go on one call each. So... I got on some volunteer fire station clothes and got in the ambulance with the other guys going on the call and off we went. I got to ride in a fire truck AND an ambulance! I didn't have to be injured to do it either. I think that rocks... if you ask me. Anyway.... I kind of loved the whole experience. I even considered becoming an EMT after that. I think I could handle it. I have been the first on the scene of an accident and can stay calm and since I am certified in First Aid and CPR I can help... and kind of have. So it was awesome to pretend I was one of the professionals on the scene.

After spending the day at the fire station.... turns out that they had a BBQ that evening for all of the Orem Fire Department. They invited Tammy and I to come! So we rode over there in the ambulance and ate with the cute firemen and then went home.

I have to say... that we definitely won big in the auction. We didn't just get a ride in the fire truck.... we got to spend the whole day seeing what life is like in the day of a fireman. It was a great day.


Lori said...

Cool Tracy- i never knew you did that! I hope one day in the near future I will have some close connections with a fire station and all that fun stuff too :)

Tammy Jackson said...

I remember that! And yes, we did have a great time hangin' out with the guys!

jamie hixon said...

I didn't know about this either.
But what a fun memory!