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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mr. Dance Crush

In January I decided that I needed to branch out and meet more people outside of my ward. I committed to my friend Stan in the ward that I would go country dancing with him. It had been two years since I had been dancing. I was a little intimidated. I have gone in the past and a lot of times just stand on the side waiting to be asked to dance and would hardly get asked. Even if I did get asked... I was afraid of not knowing what I was doing and feeling stupid. However, I am a woman of my word. I told Stan I would go, therefore I would go even it was a terrible experience. I guess you don't know unless you give it a try at least once right?

I decided to go into it with a positive attitude. I don't even like country music, however, I do like to dance. That night I put on some cowboy boots and a plaid shirt and jeans and I was ready to get my country on! The guys that went with us took turns dancing with all the girls that went. When they were not dancing with me I got asked to dance quite a bit by a lot of different guys. Most of them were pretty weird, but they knew how to dance, so I was still having fun. As for meeting new guys that I would want to go out with... wasn't sure if that was going to happen. Then I was asked to dance by this one guy. He was pretty cute and when he started dancing with me... well... he was so good that he really swept me off my feet. He made me look like a good dancer. He was better then any guy I probably have ever danced with. This made him more attractive.  He would spin me so fast that I really had no control. He ended with a big dip that lifted me up and put me in the air. I'm telling you.. this guy was good! He also made me feel great and told me that even though it had been two years since I had been dancing that I was a total natural at it and it seemed like I had been dancing for years. After one dance I had the biggest smile on his face. I thanked him for the dance and told him how much fun I had dancing with him. He probably thought I was a total weirdo. Most girls say thank you and go on their way. After the dance with him I left to the other side of the room to get a drink. He came and found me and asked me if he could steel me and be his partner while he tried to teach his friend some moves. Of course I said yes. That had us dancing together for another two dances. Then a slow song came and he asked me to dance again and so we got to talking and kept dancing into the next slow song. So.. that had us dancing together for 5 songs in a row. I totally was developing a dance crush on him. I seriously could have danced with him all night long. He was nice, there was flirting going on from both of us. At the end of the Slow dance.... he DID NOT ask for my number. There was lingering from both of us... but I waited and he didn't ask. I was maybe a little disappointed, maybe a little irritated. He just went on to dance with other girls and that was that. My friends had even noticed how much we were together and hitting it off and were shocked when they found out he didn't get my number. I left that night having had a lot of fun, a little disappointed and having a major dance crush... which made me want to go back for more.

A week and a half later my group of friends decide to go back. This time on a Saturday night instead of Wednesday night. We got there and it was crowded. I was hopeful that my dance crush would come and that I would maybe even meet some more guys. I quickly figured out that there were a lot of couples there for date night. I was getting asked to dance, but not as much as I was last time. I kept waiting for dance crush to show up... I had hyped up the situation so much that all my friends were waiting too and kept making comments to me. Then, I saw him come in! I got a big smile on my face. Now... I just had to wait for him to notice me there and we would dance the night away again. I mean... we had a magical 5 dances together last time. At first he really didn't see me there... so I saw him walking around the room and asking other girls to dance. I would try and put myself out on the dance floor in site for him to find me. A long time was going by and he would just walk past me and never ask me to dance. I was getting more and more disappointed as the night went on. There was one point where I was just standing there with my friend and he even made eye contact with me and smiled as he walked right by me and asked another girl to dance. At that point... my dance crush had CRUSHED me! It was then that I decided... forget it. All my friends couldn't believe it. How sad. By the end of the night I was totally disappointed and no longer wanted to be there, to dance. I was ready to go home so I was leaning against the wall surrounded by my friends just chatting. THIS is when he decides to come and ask me to dance. It was hard for me not to smile... but I was still crushed. He had kind of forgotten about me. He had forgotten my name and I told him not only that I remembered his name, but that I developed a dance crush on him last time I came and he was a big reason why I wanted to come back. (I am trying a new approach with guys to be more flirty and forward) he was very flattered and felt bad that he hadn't danced with me all night. So... he danced with me the next few songs. I had fun. However, he still didn't ask for my number. I came to conclusion that he was not interested. I must have read into our first encounter WAY too much. I left that night with very mixed emotions. Why didn't I have as much fun as the first time? I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back after that.

*This is when I was going to originally write this post and it was going to be added to the rest of my guy stories that have an unhappy ending, however this story goes on*

A week ago it was a friend in the ward's birthday. What did she want to do for her birthday? She wanted to go Country dancing and she wanted me to go with her. How could I say no? Its her birthday for crying out loud. So... I told her I would go country dancing with her on Wednesday night after Institute. Our little group went. I wasn't expecting anything like I was the second time I went. I was already crushed by my dance crush. I had decided I wasn't even going to care if he asked me to dance or not. We went and turns out that he was there. I was having fun dancing with my friends and then towards the very beginning, dance crush came and asked me to dance. He came up to me and said "Tracy, will you dance with me?" What? He remembered my name? That is a good sign. We ended up dancing like 8 songs. If I was not dancing with my friends I came with, I was dancing with him. He just kept coming and asking me to dance. I was happy with this of course. We had a lot of fun together, talking and laughing. My friends saw what was going on and were happy. He taught me some new dance moves. It was great. My friend wanted to leave at 11 and I wanted to dance my last fast dance with dance crush. So I asked him if he would be my last dance before I left. It was amazing. He knew I was leaving... so as I was walking toward the door he came up to me and asked me if he could steal me for for another second. I said sure. I thought he wanted to dance one more song. But then...... he pulled out his phone... and asked for my number!!! I was happy. Dance Crush redeemed himself that night. He wanted to go out that Saturday... but he had forgotten that I had told him I was going to be in Vegas. We have not gone out yet, but he added me on facebook and we have talked on there and text. He called me and told me he would love to take me to dinner on Monday. We are going to get sushi. :o)

I guess I needed to be bold AND patient. You guys... its my first guy story with a happy ending. I hope it was still interesting to read even though it wasn't terrible or extremely awkward. ha ha


Tammy Jackson said...

YEAH Tracy!! Keep me posted on the first date!! Sounds like you'll have a great time!

flux biota. said...

have fun at sushi. we all want a first date post.

jamie hixon said...

That is AWESOME! I wish I knew this guy's name.

Lynette Mills said...

yea... what's his name? I'm excited for you Tracy!! BTW... what happened to mountain man?

THE LIZARD'S said...

okay..first of all..so much has happened since I saw you ...like 5 days ago! I need to email you! second... congrats on the internet job thing at work! You are good with computers..you go girl!!! I'm emailing you NOW!hahah

Tracy said...

His name is Andrew (Drew)