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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Three Years

Today is my Blogaversary! To celebrate I went to Vegas! ha ha. Kidding. But really. I just re-read my Blogaversary post from last year and how not excited I was to post about it because it was such a hard year for me. However, this year I have been looking forward to continuing my tradition because I had an awesome year and I can't wait to re-cap on it!

I honestly had no idea that this last year would be so awesome, but it really was. I am hoping this next year will be just as awesome. :o)

By the way... thanks to all my family and friends and even strangers that read my blog and give me love and support. You have no idea how much I love to read all the comments and make new blog friends and I can't tell you how loved it makes me feel to know that so many people care about what is going on in my life. So thank you!

So here is what I did in the last blog year....

1-  Went to the Festival of Colors for the 4th year in a row
2- Completed many more craft projects
3- Started my food storage & 72 hour kit
4- I started serving once a week by tutoring kids in a low income community
5- Was part of the creation of the best FHE video that knocked everyone's socks off (and our Single Ladies video)
6- Went on many awesome lunch dates with many awesome friends
7- Went to see several local plays with friends
8- Went to the Tulip Festival
9- Threw a few Tea Parties
10- Went through the Temple for the first time and had a lot of my family there for it.
11- Spent Memorial Day weekend with family and friends in Santa Barbara
12- Started my photography crew and blog and started doing several photoshoots to improve our skills
13- I put on a girls movie night in a fort
14- Attended my good friend from Santa B's (James) wedding
15- Did an awesome flashlight talent in the talent show
16- Went to the Backstreet Boys concert
17- Spent a weekend in Arizona with my sister Jamie
18- Spent 4th of July with my BFF's Nate, Steve, Brad & Lauren in New Port Beach
19- Spent the weekend down in St. George to see Tarzan at Tuacahn
20- Spent time in the beautiful mountains hiking, taking pictures and catching salamanders
21- Went to Denver for the weekend
22-  Family came to town and I got to spend a lot of time with them.
23-  One of my BFF's Nate got married and I got to go to the reception
24- Planted a beautiful garden on my back patio
25- Lost more weight
26- Experienced the Bottomless Pit (blowing up stuff)
27- Went on the full moon ski lift ride at Sundance
28- Hiked Stewart Falls for work
29- Went to Vegas for the weekend to hang out and shop with Lolly
30- Went classic skating
31- Spent a weekend in Seattle and British Columbia (my first time to Canada)
32- Had an Italian dinner night with some friends by candlelight out on my back patio
33- Threw a few birthday parties for friends
34- Went boating and Kayaking for work
35- Spent 24 hours in NYC and spent time with good friend Patty and saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway for the 2nd time
36- Spent a week in India
37- Good friend Kirsten came to visit and we went to dinner and had a sleepover at my place
38- Celebrated Halloween for 13 days! Doing all sorts of fun Halloween things
39- Threw an awesome Pirate party with friend Rachel
40-  Got to dress up a lot. I love that
41- Went to Chicago for a weekend with my friend Kelli that I had not seen in years (both of our first time there)
42-  Celebrated 2 Years at Novell
43- Participated in my first Sprint Triathlon
44- Threw an awesome Harry Potter Party with Rachel in prep for the new movie
45- Took Rachel home with me to Santa Barbara for the weekend
46- Went to Disneyland and California Adventure Park
47- Spent Thanksgiving with some of my family and the Bourgeous Family (My brother in law's fam)
48- Gave and got a massage almost every month this year from Cheryl
49- Rachel threw me the most glam birthday party I have ever had
50- Went to see the lights at Temple Square
51- Matt took me on a birthday date to the MoTab Christmas concert with David Archuleta
52-  I got bangs
53- My Parents moved to Mapleton, Utah
54- My family got to all be together for Christmas and I loved every minute of it
55- I got released from being FHE leader
56- Had a big Watson Gathering at my parents house (got to see family that I had not seen in a long time)
57- I got eyelash extensions (and am still loving that decision)
58- Had a fun ward reunion (old 233rd ward) at the Banks
59-  My oldest Niece got baptized and I got to be there
60- Celebrated Chinese New Year
61- Started going dancing a lot. Loving it
62- Attended an amazing Valentines party put on by Rachel
63- Went to a Joshua Radin Concert
64- I finished my India inspired living room that I furnished and designed
65- Spent another weekend in Vegas
66- Attended an awesome photography workshop
67- Saw "the Beatles LOVE" with Lolly
68- I have posted something on my blog EVERYDAY
69- I have had 62,758 views on my blog
70- My blog has been featured on 2 blogs

I love blogging. Can you tell? Ha ha ha.. Happy Birthday Blog! Here's to another great blogging year to come!


Lori said...

You are crazy amazing Tracy- I'm so glad you blog :)

Lynette Mills said...

happy blogaversary

BRIAN said...

wow..I dont know what took more time... you blogging all those or just listing all of them!! LOL!! You are a dedicated blogger ..and to think you didnt even WANT to start a blog!!! HA!!!

jamie hixon said...

What a fun life! It is amazing how much you can do in a year, huh?

mjfin22 said...

Tracy! I love your blog. I just used one of your FHE ideas (the drawing the sentance and folding the paper one) in my Sunday school class yesterday! Thank you for sharing your amazingness!