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Monday, March 14, 2011

Jekyl vs Hyde

I know its sad and weird.... but I have nothing to blog about. What do I do when this happens? I usually find an old guy story (which I already did) or post a video that I think is funny. So... here is a video that I think is funny.

I almost forgot about this gem. I was going through all my video's on youtube that I had tagged as my favorites. I found this one that I added as a fav 4 years ago. The guy in this video, Sean, was in my ward when I lived at the Riviera. He loved making music video's as much as I do. In fact... I think watching his video's is part of what inspired me to start making mine. He is totally funny and most of his videos (including this one) he filmed and edited when he was in high school. My other favorite of his that I saw was him and his friends remake of the Grinch. He played Cindy Lou Who. ha ha.

One night Sean happened to be home a lone. So what did he do? He took a song from a musical and made a music video. I think it is funny and awesome. I think I remember him telling me he almost cut himself with the knife AND that his sister walked in on him filming. :)


Bre said...

ok. This is hilarious. Awesome video, especially since he did it himself. How'd he get all those cool camera angles?

On a side note, I saw Jekyl and Hyde on Broadway in NYC and totally felt violated. I left feeling so disgusted. Beautiful music though!

Lynette Mills said...

That was pretty good...

KJ said...

I remember Sean showing this to me as well! Loved it and it brought back great memories rewatching it.

jamie hixon said...

I remember this from years ago! So funny.
Those extra tidbits of info make it even better.

PS you commented on my post before it was done! I accidentally clicked "post" when I wasn't finished, ha.