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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 57

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone. I wish I were in Ireland right now... my co-workers in Ireland took the day off to celebrate. I bet its fun over there. However, I hope you all are at least wearing green. I am. I was pretty disappointed by my co-workers though. Only half of them wore green, the other half were sporting BYU colors because of the game tonight. People... there are many games in a year but only 1 St. Patricks Day! where are your priorities. If it were not against the COBE rules... I would have pinched them.

Up until yesterday, It has been so warm outside that I have been taking naps in my car. Is that weird? I just like to soak up the sun. I wonder if people ever walk by my car and see my sleeping in there.

Saturday I went up the canyon with Rachel and her family dog to take pictures... as I already posted. In that post I told you that I had met some people. Well... while Rachel and I drove in, we saw these two guys by their car getting ready for something... both in army pants.... at a glance we think they are cute and wonder what they are doing. We go on minding out own business and start our photoshoot with Kesler. Maybe 10 or so minutes later, these two guys come hiking our way. The cuter one stops and asks me about what I am taking pictures of.. or something like that. We end up talking for a half hour. I found out their names and that the cuter one that was talking to me used to work at Novell. That is about it. The rest was me teasing them about not surviving the night in the snow cave they were going to make and sleep in. After a half hour of chatting... they went on their way. After they left Rachel and I looked at each other and thought... Case #3 of cute guy flirting with me and not asking for my number. Since I am trying to take a more bold and forward approach with guys lately... I decide that I was going to leave a note on his car. The note said something like... Just want to make sure you made it through the night in your snow cave - Tracy and left my phone number. I felt pretty good about leaving my number with him... I mean, nothing to lose right. If he doesn't call me, he wasn't going to anyway if he didn't have my number. So we left and I just wondered if he would call. Then of course that night it rains... not just rains, it pours. I'm like.... great, what if he wanted to call and now he can't because the note is illegible? Just my luck... guess it was not meant to be. At least I gave it a shot. Sunday night I receive a text from Mr. Mountain man saying he got my note and asked how my photoshoot went. I'm not going to lie. I was excited. I asked him how my note survived... he said he couldn't get it off the car without tearing it, but with a little magic and luck he was able to get my number. So glad he did. We have been texting and talking on the phone everyday since and I am excited to hang out with him because he is very funny. I told him that I blogged and he found my blog 2 seconds later and started going through everything... so its a possibility that Mountain Man may read this. I think he will be okay with it though as long as it doesn't fall under my "guy stories" category. :o)

Awkward moment. I was at FHE on Monday and I was wearing my ripped jeans (ripped on purpose for style). My friend Stan was sitting next to me and said "Tracy you have a hole in your jeans" I said... yes, I do. Then he says "Do you shave your legs?" ha ha... what? Where did that come from? Ummm.. yes Stan, I DO shave my legs. He is a funny one. I think I am going to tease him about that for a long time.

Today on my friends facebook page, I saw that he posted this. I thought it was so funny that I was laughing out loud in my office. The lyrics are SO awful. I am pretty sure some of the worst I have ever heard. I love all the questions they asked at the end. Oh man. What surprises me even more is that so many people have covered the song! We we we we so excited!! ha ha ha

Today I was so tired I wanted to take a nap. I would have taken it in my car again... but it was cold. So I locked my door and turned off the light and crawled under my desk with a blanket and turned on the heater and took a nap. Yep... thats right. I took a nap under my desk today. It was awesome.


Bre said...

ok, that's awesome that you left your number. Before I started dating Mark, I decided that I was going to be more assertive. I actually asked Mark on our first date. I also approached a guy at institute and gave him my number...and yes, he called and we went out. So, seeeeeee, it does pay off to give out your number! good job girl!

Oh, and I would TOTALLY sleep in random places at work. I loved sleeping on the couch in the faculty room during my lunch break. My principal made fun of me, but who cares...I WAS TIRED!

Glad we think alike. Too bad we never were roommates...I think we would've had way too much fun. :)

Kristy said...

Good job leaving a phone number. I think most guys like an assertive girl.

Lynette Mills said...

so... what is his name?

Dallas and Kirsten said...

You're hilarious! I should punch you for posting a link to that Friday song! I just had to click on it and not only do I feel dumber now, I can't get the stupid thing out of my head! Love and would love to hear details about the Mt. Man :)

flux biota. said...

ewwww, i listened to the lyrics. HORRIBLE. thanks for that one, it made my day a little bit funnier.

good luck with the Mountain Man, way to be bold and go for what you want.

jamie hixon said...

AAAahhahhahahaaaAAHAHAHA!!! That Friday song is the WORST thing I have ever heard. I couldn't have written anything that bad if I tried! Wow. Thanks for that. I'm dying.
Yay for being assertive and for mountain man. So glad that you are having fun, as usual.
I am a huge fan of sleeping in your office. I did it when I was a teacher.
When Stan asked if you shaved your legs, you should have given him a weird look and said "No, that's gross!"

Lori said...

It's always fun to meet new people! Way to go Tracy!