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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 60

What a week it has been. In a way it has flown by because I have been so busy. In another way it has totally dragged because I just wanted it to be the weekend again and everyday I just get more and more tired from lack of sleep trying to do a million things.

I was just telling my friend Desiree that I kind of miss being able to be spontaneous. For example... yesterday I was out to dinner with a friend and old co-worker that I had not seen in a year. All the sudden I get a text from Dance Crush asking me if I was hungry and wanted to go out to eat with him. I miss being able to say... oh yeah, I'm totally not doing anything so lets go. Sometimes I wonder if guys get discouraged with me because its so hard to plan a date with me with my crazy schedule. If you want to plan something with me, you need to schedule time at least a week in advance for the most part. As much as I love to be busy, I do miss doing things spontaneously.

The other day I got a few text messages at the same time and for some reason my text messaging froze. So I had to restart my phone... which had happened before, only this time when I restarted it and went back to my text messages to respond to the text that I had received they were gone. ALL of my text messages were gone. Why? I don't know. Aren't these smart phones supposed to be like mini computers? Shouldn't the information be on there somewhere? I want them back! Call me sentimental... but I like to keep a lot of my text messages. Especially the feel good ones to read when I'm having a crappy day. You know? Not only that... but I also had some pictures and info in some of them. Has this ever happened to anyone? Can I get them back? Ugh.

Friday and Saturday were beautiful days. I totally went running and was feeling all great and then Sunday morning when I came up the stairs I looked outside and gasped very loudly. I knew it was supposed to rain... I figured there was a chance that is might snow a little, but I looked outside and it looked like it was mid January!! There were SEVERAL inches of snow. What the.... I thought it was April? Tuesday it was nice and sunny again... so I decided to go speed walking with my friend Rachel for 3 + miles. I walked her home (up a hill) and after that I felt like speed walking was not enough... so I ended up jogging a couple of miles. It felt great after a long Winter of being cooped up. I think its time I look into some races for the summer. Don't you?

I have been hanging out with my FHE boys a lot this week... which has been fun. They are great and highly entertaining. I was over there Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and then one of them came over tonight.  While I was sitting next to FHE boy (the one I have talked about before) on the couch he was looking at me and then said "You have the longest eyelashes I have ever seen" and then touched them. ha ha... CAUGHT!!! I had to admit to him that they were fake extensions. He told me he felt so deceived. Apparently fake things really bug guys... like hair extensions. I didn't think the fake eyelashes would be that big of a deal. I told him that I loved them and that they made me feel pretty. He told me it wasn't a deal breaker. Do you think most guys would be bugged finding out your eyelashes were fake? I mean... like 95% of women on TV, movies and magazines are wearing them.... do they think of that? Oh well. I love them, that is all that matters.

Last night after Institute I went country dancing again. It has been a few weeks since I have been. I think in 3 hours I sat out maybe 3 songs because nobody asked me... which I was happy about because I was really tired. I danced with Stan (from my ward) twice and Nate (from my ward) twice and the rest of the time I was dancing with Dance Crush. I actually prefer it that way. I mean... he feels bad because he doesn't like to feel like he is "hogging" a girl if she wants to dance with anyone else... but I told him that I would rather dance with him than anyone else there... so I don't care. After dancing with him so much... dancing with someone else just isn't as much fun. He is that good. Dancing is so much fun! Yes, he did ask me on another date for this weekend. So did mountain man. And maybe I was with a different guy on Friday night that I met at a party during the summer...

One night when I was driving home from a friends house... I was driving through the neighborhood right by my house.... driving a long pretty fast and blasting my tunes. I turn the corner and I ALMOST ran into a deer! I have ALMOST run into a deer only a couple times in my life and I hope I never actually run one over. I would be sad... and so would my car. I mean, I know living in Utah my chances are a lot higher of hitting one rather than if I were still living in Santa B... but I still never expect them to be roaming my neighborhood. I mean... on Friday I even saw one roaming in the middle of the day in the neighborhood. Do you think he was lost? I don't know. All I know is that I stopped to take this picture and I still had a my tunes blasting as I rolled down the window to get the picture and they just stood there puzzled at the noise I think. It was kind of funny.


Lynette Mills said...

wow... you have been busy! Glad you are getting some male companionship. I'd like to meet one or some of them sometime. :)

Dallas and Kirsten said...

Needless to say I am very excited to hear all about the details of boys #1,2,and 3! Only two weeks and we'll be in Florida!!

jamie hixon said...

Yay for lots of dates! Boo for almost hitting deer. Your car would be sad, ha! That made me laugh out loud.

Kayleigh said...

I totally have experienced your text messaging dilemma. Sometimes I'll also get blank text messages that are from no one. It just has an unopened envelope and the time it was sent. It is so frustrating! Especially if it was from someone I wasn't already carrying on a conversation with - I have no idea who texted me!

Yeah, hitting a deer would seriously freak me the crap out. Hitting a cat almost a week ago was traumatizing enough. I literally screamed. Gross!