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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Winter Hike

A couple of weeks ago we had a meeting at work with a couple people from the company that bought Novell. It kind of stressed out some of my co-workers. I didn't like all of the stress in the office... so I went to my boss and said ... Boss, its time we have another team activity to raise the morale in this place. (do you like that I go tell my boss when its time for us to have activities and go to the movies?) Thankfully he agreed and it was planned.

With the weather still being very much like January, we decided we would go snow shoeing and cross country skiing. But then it warmed up and we didn't think there would be enough snow to do that. So we decided to just hike. Turns out... the higher we hiked... the more we needed snow shoes. I sunk into the snow a couple feet more than once. When some of us would get behind because of taking pictures or just being slow... the others would leave a mark so we wouldn't get lost (more to be funny because they knew we knew where we were going... made me laugh)

 Even though I am more than ready for the snow to go away, it was very pretty up there. It was also good exercise to hike 3 miles in the snow. I will also never complain when I am doing something fun instead of working on a Friday and getting paid for it. :o)

After the hike we went to one of my co-workers cabin's by where we hiked above South Fork. At the cabin we had lunch and another co-worker brought his dutch ovens and made peach cobbler and some sort of chocolate cake in the other one. We sat around, talked, listened to music and played some ping pong. Left the office for activity at 10:30 am and went back to the office at about 3:30pm... left the office to go home at about 4pm. All in all a pretty great Friday. Thanks Novell. My job and my co-workers rock! :o)


jamie hixon said...

Seriously! I wish I got paid to do fun things and eat yummy food.

THE LIZARD'S said...

hmmmm...where do i apply?

mjfin22 said...

So fun! And you are so skinny! Those clothes are just falling off of you!

Lori said...

You are one lucky girl :) Looks like it was a pretty white hike!