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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Fireside

Today was a REALLY long day for me. We had a special stake conference. They asked our ward choir if we would be the closing number "Consider the Lilies". They needed more people, so I told them I would sing in the ward choir. Therefore... I was practicing at 10am... got home around 11:45 to change and get ready for church and then we had to practice before the conference and then performed... which I heard we did well.

I was asked by a guy in the ward if I would sing in a special musical number for the Stake Easter fireside... which is kind of a big deal. Our stake firesides are legit. And the guy that asked me to sing is legit... so I felt honored that he was asking me. I knew that everyone that he asked to sing was going to be a really good singer... so I felt like I had made it in the cool kids club. Its a good thing everyone knew what they were doing because that is the only way we all could have looked at the music for the first time the night before the fireside... and then pulled off our number in the fireside. :o) After stake conference we had to head to a different room to practice for the Easter fireside. Thank goodness they fed us dinner or else I wouldn't have gotten to eat all day. We practiced with our group... they ran through the whole fireside and then we performed in the fireside. We sang a song called "The Empty Tomb". I had never heard it before, but I thought it was beautiful. We made a few additions. I had a friend record us during the run through performance.

*Side Note* This was not our best performance. We had one goof up at the end... but for only practicing the night before and that day... not bad. The piano is too loud and the mic on us is not loud enough... but hopefully you can hear the song okay. When we sang in the actual fireside.. It was the best we had sung it... and we huddled together more around the mic... so you could probably hear us better too.

There is an acapella group at BYU called "Noteworthy". I guess a couple of the girls in that group are in our stake... so they got their group together to perform in our fireside and I was blown away. They did this song... (I found this on youtube) but I don't think this recording does it justice. They are awesome and I think are acapella Champions from what I hear. They even competed in the NBC's show "The Sing Off". They did two numbers. Loved it.

I am always blown away by our stake firesides. There is so much talent in our stake. Everyone that participates in the firesides are hand picked from the best. So when you go, you are getting an amazing performance. I am easily touched by music. I always leave very uplifted and inspired. I am so thankful for beautiful music and the way that it touches me. I am also thankful that I am able to share my testimony with music. It was a LONG day... but well worth it. I'm thankful they asked me to participate and I adore the people that I sang with. Well... I didn't know them all at first, but by the end I felt that way about everyone. Here are the people from our ward that sang.


Jennica said...

Tracy! Thank you for posting this! I was honored to be in the cool kids club, too!

T-Ray said...

You are welcome! We are SO cool now! ;o)

jamie hixon said...

That is great. You guys sounded good despite the loud piano and the slight mess up in the end. ;-)
I always like singing with other good singers.