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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lunch Dates, Take 4

You know how I love to get together for lunch (or dinner) with friends. Here are the lunch dates with my friends over the last month.

First I got together with friends I had not seen in 6 years from my Devonshire year, Bethany & Bre. Such fun girls. It was so fun to meet their kids and catch up with them.

Then I had my Apx boys over for dinner before some of them left for the summer to sell. They are always a blast to hang out with. They are too funny.

Got together with my girl Stacie at Rumbi Island Grill. This was the lunch date that we decided that we were going to travel together. :o)

Next dinner at Zupa's with a friend and old co-worker that I had not seen in 2 years... but we keep in pretty good touch via facebook & blog. Lauren.

I missed Jeanna's birthday party... so I told her I wanted to treat her to lunch. She is a good friend and I wanted to show her that by our lunch date.

Sara and I always have our lunch date at the Art City Trolley in Springville. We have a lunch date every few months or so. I love them. We always have such a great time talking and catching up.

So this wasn't a lunch or dinner date. Cute, pregnant Monica went with me to get a pedicure. So nice to just sit back and relax while you catch up on life. So glad Mo-Trash and I have stayed friends over these past 8 years. Oh... and look how awesome my toes look. The guy that did my toes did a rockin job.

I love my friends and I love getting together with them. Let me know if anyone wants to schedule a lunch date. :o) 


jamie hixon said...

Love your toes! Your lunch dates sound fun. I don't go out to eat very often... and when I do I love it. You are a great friend.

Abby Wright said...

Yes lets do lunch next time you are in TEXAS ;)