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Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have always wanted to see Riverdance in person. I find it to be very awesome and entertaining. When I found out that they were coming to Salt Lake... I asked my mom and sister if they would be up for a girls night out to go and see it. After all... how often do we hang out and we all live within 10 minutes drive from each other. Not only were they both up for it... but my mom also invited her sister (My Aunt Joanne). We had a GREAT time!

First we met up with my Aunt in Salt Lake for some dinner. Then we headed over to Kingsbury Hall, where Riverdance would be held.

I LOVED the show. They had a great balance of music and dancing. I love Irish music... its so beautiful. They had some incredible voices and their live Irish Band was awesome too. The dancing was incredible. I just watched the whole show thinking... they make it look so easy. They had some cool stage effects and they had this one part where these two guys came out and tap danced and dance battled with the male river dancers. It was A-Mazing! I think tap dancing is one of the most rad things someone can know how to do. It made me want to pick up lessons again. I really miss it.

All in all I was SO happy we went to the show... because it was awesome. We all loved it. I also think we should have these outings more often.
P.S. If you have not seen Riverdance and you have to opportunity to go see it... I really think you should. Its pretty awesome. A show full of a lot of talent.
P.P.S. I didn't even know this was possible... but I want to go to Ireland even more now that I have seen this.


Lynette Mills said...

yeah for your blog! It was really fun, thanks for being the one who made it happen!

T-Ray said...

I will happily accept that role in the family. :o) Just call me Miss Party Planner.

jamie hixon said...

Well, contrary to popular belief, people don't stand around riverdancing all day in Ireland. ;-)
I want to go to Ireland too, and I really want to see Riverdance sometime.

Tracy said...

I think Ireland should be a future Sister trip! And Scotland! Just Sayin.

Lori said...

Im a little jealous of this girls night out.... Looks like it was a great time ")