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Friday, April 1, 2011

Flashback Friday 6

Since today is April Fools day I thought that it would be appropriate to do a flash back on our prank wars that we had going on back in 2005 at the Riviera.

It all started in January. We (Monica, Brittney & I) went to the Boys (Brad, Nate & Steve) apartment and knocked on the door just to throw a snow ball at them. Innocent fun. They soon filled a bucket of water and trapped me and got me SOAKING wet out in the freezing winter cold. We decided we were going to get them back! What did we do?

One late night, we gathered lots of snow in a big sheet and carried it up to the 3rd floor to where their apartment was. We packed the snow against their apartment. I thought it was just crash in as soon as they opened it to leave the next morning... but instead it stayed in place and created a wall. The funny part was... they didn't know how thick it was. Lucky for them, it wasn't too thick. If only they had lived on the 1st floor.

Of course it wasn't going to end there. So what did they do back. Well... they did this to my car! My car was not going ANYWHERE. I didn't know what to do. Being the sweet guys they are they felt bad and actually helped me dig my car out that night. ha ha. Bless them.

We let it simmer for a little while before our payback. I decided to get friendly and flirty with the young and single maintenance man. He did all the maintenance with one other guy for all of the Riviera. Becoming friends with him was a good idea because he just gave me his number so instead of having to put in a maintenance request... I would just call him and he would come fix it. He also would help me with stuff for my car too. In the Riviera... we didn't have keys to our apartment, we had a code to get into the door. The great thing about this was when I because friends with maintenance man... I just asked him for the master key code to get into all of the apartments and he gave it to me. So when the boys were gone one night, we went in and put a baby ruth in their toilet with some yellow dye AND filled the other bathroom's tub with jello!!

They were shocked with how we were able to get in. I didn't think they would be able to do the same thing to us.... but then I forgot that I dated their roommate Scott and had given him our code so that he could feed my fish while we were all gone once. Opps. So the boys got in.... and they did this... plus left an open can of sardines behind our fridge. YUCK! P.S. They brought plastic bags to stuff in our dishwasher... but when they got to our house, they also found ours, so they stuffed our dishwasher with our OWN plastic bags. ha ha

I think we had it end there. It was towards the end of the school year anyway. It was all in good fun and we always had a good laugh out of it and enjoyed thinking of new pranks. On April fool day that year... we also did this to our neighbors which we thought was pretty funny.... but I don't think they did.

I don't always do much for April Fools day... but when I do, I go all out and it is FUN! Hope you had a fun day today. :o) 


MoNiCa! said...

AHHHHH I MISS THOSE DAYS! We had so much fun! I forgot we snowed them in! :) good times!

Dallas and Kirsten said...

I love prank wars! Those are some great ideas. I love the snow wall!

Lori said...

Good times Tracy. Pranks can be fun with the right people :)

Caytlin said...

HILARIOUS!!! Thanks for the good laugh :) I love the snow wall!

jamie hixon said...

Most of the things you described would not make me laugh, they would make me murderously angry.
But I'm glad you had fun.