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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 61

This week is Spring Break for many schools. I wish I were on vacation.... mostly because most of my co-workers are. Oh wait... I'm going on vacation next week. I can hold out. :o)

I feel like I need to announce this because so many people ask me.... the guy that I sang with at the talent show, my church singing BFF, Wes... He has a girlfriend. I'm totally happy for him. Wes and I are just friends. Just because we are good friends and we love to sing together doesn't mean that we need to date. I am pretty sure that neither one of us has ever been interested in dating each other. I just had to throw that out there because so many people have asked me why we are not dating... or they tell me that we should date.

I went and got my hair done on Saturday by my good friend Nicole. As soon as I walked up to the salon there was a little boy watching me from inside the salon. He looked maybe 7 years old. As I approached the door, he opened it for me. I thought... what a little gentleman and told him thank you. As I sat down in the chair for Nicole to start doing my hair... he comes in and asks me if I want to buy a Peanut Butter Bar for 50 cents. I told him I didn't have any change. This did not discourage the boy. He informed me that I could buy 2 Peanut Butter Bars for a Dollar! ha ha. What a little salesman. After everyone informed me how good they were and he had been such a gentleman to open the door for me, how could I resist? So I bought two Peanut Butter Bars from the boy who was waiting for his mom to finish getting her hair done. I am not sure how long he was there... but I overheard that he wasn't leaving until he sold ALL the PB Bars. What a perfect place to sell them. He was a determined little boy. I asked him what he was selling them for. He told me he was saving the money. I asked him what he was saving up for and he told me he was saving up to go to Harry Potter World! Big Harry Potter fan! ha ha... I don't blame him. I want to go there too.... the whole thing made me laugh. Good for him for working to trying to save up money for something he really wants. I feel like you don't see that enough in kids anymore. They just complain until they get what they want.

The other day I was talking with my co-workers and one of them had mentioned there was a kid in her daughters class that had the last name sniffnscratch. Nobody believed her... either that or it really came from a different language and was really pronounced differently than that. Anyway... it got us talking about weird names and people's need to give their children weird/ original names. Here are a couple of REAL examples from one of my co-workers class that he taught. #1- La-a. He first asked me how I would pronounce that name. Your guess is as good as mine... most people guess the same pronunciation and that guess is wrong. La-a as a name is pronounced LADASHA. I think that is one of the weirdest things I have ever heard. If you want dash to be part of the name... why not spell out dash instead of putting a - ? Example #2 - ABCD... I don't think I would try to pronounce that if I saw that was someones name... I would just say the letters... or maybe start singing the ABC's. However I was informed that this persons name is pronounced ABSADY. OMG. Retarded. I can't handle that. Why don't they think about what they are going to be putting their children through for the rest of their lives? Ugh.

Speaking of my co-workers, my co-worker that is from Mexico brought in some Mexican candy to share. I will try anything... so even though I thought it looked gross, when they told me to try it, I did. I finished it too. I will not be having another one. I don't understand why you need to take a normal sweet thing like a watermelon sucker and cover it with chili powder? In fact... why do they feel the need to cover everything in chili powder? It was just bitter. Maybe its an acquired taste.

I hate it when guys just stare at me and don't come talk to me. I went down to the Novell Cafe for breakfast with a couple of my co-workers. There was a small group of guys down there also getting breakfast. A few of them were just staring at me... especially this one guy. The entire time I was down there... no matter where I was in the room... I would catch him staring. If you think I'm cute, why not just come talk to me? I would love it if guys did that, especially when they are cute like this guy was. If that is not why you are staring.... then I don't know what to think.

I went to this Boutique on my lunch break yesterday that is near by. I have been there before. Its super cute. I was the only one there... so we got to talking (because I am a talker and will talk to just about anyone and talk their ear off) and we talked for at least an hour. We talked about fashion, decorating, blogs, the church, dating. It was kind of funny now that I think about it. By the end she was like wanting to set me up with her husbands friends. I don't think that will happen, but she did check out my blog because she wanted to see a lot of the crafts that I was telling her about. Anyway... I had fun making a new friend and spending my lunch break talking to the girl in the boutique. I'm so weird. I left with some cute stuff though.

My roommate Tina has been begging me to see the Justin Bieber movie ever since it came out. Last night we went to this $3 theater in Pleasant Grove and finally saw the movie. The girl from tutoring is going to be SO excited that I finally saw it. I know she has seen it at least 2 or 3 times. I knew would like it because everyone that I know of that has gone and seen it has liked it. I'm not hard core into Bieber... after seeing the movie, I'm still not. However... I do have more respect for him now. He came from nothing and worked really hard to reach his dream. It wasn't just a matter of being discovered on youtube... that was just the start. The kid was born with major talent too... so I feel like he actually deserves to be famous unlike some people that I don't think have a lot of talent but just had connections into making it big. This kid can sing, dance, play the drums, piano and guitar. That is a lot more than I can do. From what I can tell... he is also a decent kid. He has charm, he is grateful, he is respectful and seems super grounded. After watching the movie he is pretty likable... not going to lie. I had to laugh at the girls in the movie though. They are SO obsessed with him. They cry to even be near him, they scream and fight over who is going to marry him. Its so pathetic... but I guess that is what teenagers are like in general. Its pretty funny. Most people leave that movie and have Bieber Fever.... me.... I left having respect for Bieber and left having a crush on Scooter... his manager. :o)


michelle m said...

We had a Le-a. I made the mistake of calling her "Leia" like Luke's sister in Star Wars. She promptly informed me: "Didn't you see the dash? My name is la-DASH-a."
Pardon me.

Lori said...

Hawaiians do the same thing to thier candy... although, I don't think it's chili powder, it's something else.

Abby Wright said...

Drempt I was Justin B's mom the other day. WEIRD!

Todd and Christianne said...

Todd wants to see that movies so bad...he probably doesn't want me telling people that! Oops! :-)

Lynette Mills said...

I want to visit that clothes shop! Do you think there would be anything in there for me?