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Monday, April 18, 2011

I Made My Mark

I made my mark on the Burton's home.

At Rob's farewell party... we were all just sitting around and watching Rob's favorite youtube videos when suddenly he gets out his pellet gun and told us that we should have some target shooting....

He put up a target next to the window. First he gave it to Allyson. She shot and hit the blind... made a hole. Then he gave the gun to Shelley. She also aimed for the target and hit the blinds... which made another hole. Then he gave the gun to me. I didn't hit the target or the blinds... so I felt left out. I wanted to make my mark on the Burton home. So I tried again and made a hole in the blinds. Great thing about Rob... he doesn't care. He thought it was funny. Why would he get mad though when he gave us the gun in the first place. ha ha.

 *Here we are pointing to the holes we made in their blinds*

Then we gave the gun to James. He of course hits the target on the first try. Show off. Just turns out that James is talented and amazing at everything.

We had a lot of fun at Rob's goodbye party... if you couldn't tell. :o) I had never shot any sort of gun inside the house before so it was kind of fun. I guess James and I had target practice with his nail gun in his garage. Does that count? Probably not...  Regardless... I need to go shooting more I have decided.

P.S. I heart Allyson. I love that she is just up for anything. She is my right hand woman! We are going to have a Summer O fun!!!!!

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jamie hixon said...

I cannot believe that he let you shoot a gun inside his house! I would never ever do that.