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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 63

I am so tired. I have been trying to play catch up since I have been back from my trip, I have been struggling... but I think this weekend I will be able to do it. Trips are totally worth it though. I felt like I really needed that trip. It was a good trip too. You will be hearing more about it.

One of my co-workers that works from home in Vermont came into town this week because of all the merger stuff that is going on. We are now officially owned by attachmate  and all the main managers have been let go. Nobody in my department yet. I'm sure they wanted to wait until after quarter end to do that. I hope nobody on my team goes... but we will see. We have been eating a lot of food to keep our spirits high. My co-worker was nice enough to bring me legit real maple syrup from Vermont. I have never had it. But I am pretty excited to try the real stuff.

On my way to Florida I went to get my suitcase because I had checked it in instead of carried on. When I went to get it... one of my wheels had broken off! I was so sad. I had to lug it around the rest of the trip with only one wheel. Makes things a lot more difficult. I was kind of sad too because I love my suitcase. It is brown with white polka dots. I thought it was one of a kind but while I was waiting for my suitcase to come out there were two black suitcases one with pink polka dots and one with blue polka dots. So... I guess its time I get a new one anyway. One that is original and cute that I know is mine as soon as it comes out. I'm thinking animal print. We shall see. Thanks suitcase for the few years you gave me.

While I was in Florida, my Aunt Janet showed me all of her amazing art that she has done in the last several years. She is VERY talented. It was inspiring.... she only started once she moved to Florida which was in the last 7 years. It made me feel like I should give painting another try. Anyway... I told her she should show off her stuff and start a blog. So I helped her start a blog while I was there. :o) She named it "Creations Devine" which I love. You can check it out here. (Mind you... she just started it, so there is not much there... but check back because she has some amazing stuff to share). Janet is sweet and amazing and I am very excited to see everything she puts on the blog.

Why is it that "when it rains, it pours"? It has been pouring for me in terms of dating.... but I think it is starting to sprinkle now. I would be okay with this if the pouring led to me dating one of the guys... but it hasn't. So I'm not ready for it to stop yet. How do I make it start pouring again? ha ha

I don't know why everyone is so obsessed with the Royal wedding. I mean... I am in full support of people being so happy and supportive of marriage... but seriously. Why does everyone care so much? I really don't. Am I the only one?

The other day on facebook, someone that I know from grade school posted a picture of our 6th grade class shirt and then tagged everyone in that class to the shirt. It was funny to see everyone comment on it and reconnect after 16 years. After that my 6th grade boyfriend added me on facebook. I had not seen him since we were in the 6th grade... so in my head I know his name and picture him as a little boy because that I all I knew. It was so weird to see him on facebook 16 years later as an adult. He looked a lot different... obviously. Facebook is so awesome to reconnect with people in this way.

I was so excited when I saw some of my flowers start to come back. Then the next day... THIS happened. I am NOT okay with this. Seriously. I understand this happens in Utah... the crazy bi-polar weather, but by the time its spring, I'm just done with it. You know? It happens every year and every year I get upset because I can't take the cold weather any longer. Especially after coming back from Florida with 90 degree weather. Ugh.


Paul said...

Can reccomend real maple syrup. So much better than a supermarket's own.
Oh god dating. And you ladies think you have it rough. Dress nicely, smile brightly, let the conversation flow. Give any guy a chance ( Unless he's REALLY rude )and if he wants, let him pay. Non of this 21st century going dutch stuff. Let him treat you like a lady and see where it takes you...

Abby Wright said...

Maybe this 6th grade boyfriend is NOW the one :)

Dallas and Kirsten said...

Did it really snow again there!? It makes the humidity not seem so bad. Keep me posted about the job situation. I hope it doesn't affect your department. I know how much you love your co-workers.

Janet said...

Thanks Tracy for the kind comments. I guess I am officially now on the spot to keep up with my postings. I find it rather fun and interesting figuring out how it all goes together.

Kayleigh said...

Yeah, dating.. Meh.

I totally agree about the Royal Wedding. I mean, WHO CARES?! There is a blog I somewhat follow who is having a Royal Tea Party. Oh geeze. Get a life.

Lori said...

Sorry to hear your cute suitcase broke... have fun shopping!

jamie hixon said...

I love suitcases. I don't know why. I guess because they mean traveling, and traveling is the best... but if you think about it they just get dragged through the dirtiest places on earth, so it is probably good that yours broke. Right? Right.
Also, I don't remember your 6th grade boyfriend.
Also, I hope it pours until you find your man.
Also, I don't care about the royal wedding either.

Lynette Mills said...

so glad you posted Janets blog... another one I get to stalk! Hope you are catching up on your sleep young lady :)