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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 62

Right now I am blogging on the plane. This is a first for me. Its kind of nice... I'm not going to lie. I think it has been making the time go by faster for me. Its kind of a long flight.... so it was worth it to pay 12 bucks or whatever. Even more so because of who I am sitting next to. I have mentioned before in past confessions that when I fly I always hope to sit next to an attractive single guy... and that NEVER happens! Seriously... you would think out of all the times that I have flown one place or another that it would happen at least once. Nope! Today I am sitting next to a young newly wed couple that is on their way to their honeymoon. Great..... awesome.... NOT what I want. They are nice and all, don't get me wrong, they just can't keep their hands off of each other and can't stop kissing. Its too long of a flight for that. It was worth the money to just help distract me from that. The best part is when I first sat down and they asked me if I was visiting or going home and I asked them the same question and they said they were going on their honeymoon. The conversation then went as follows.

Me: "Oh congrats! I'm still waiting to get married"
Newly Wed Couple: " Oh... it's SO worth the wait"
Me: "Ummm.... how long did you have to wait?" *thinking they both looked pretty young"
Newly Wed Girl: "I'm 19"
Newly Wed Guy "I'm 22"
*I'm trying not to laugh because that is not a wait at all*
Me: "Oh... well, I'm 28"
*Little bit of an awkward silence*
Newly Wed Couple: "I would have NEVER guessed you were 28. You don't look it at all"
Me: "Gee... umm, well.... thanks"
Conversation ends. ha ha. Oh, how I wish they even knew what they were saying....

Speaking of being around couples.... my BFF neighbor was one of 3 guys that bought the Bishop's wife's Thai dinner at the ward auction. They were required to take a date, he took me. I was ok with this because I love Thai food and my BFF neighbor is pretty awesome too. On the way there he informed me of the other people that bought the dinner at the auction. Two engaged couples. Oh good.. this should be interesting. And it was. There was a lot of wedding talk and of course since we were not even dating... we got teased... A LOT. It was a little awkward for us at times, but nothing that we couldn't handle. I mean... we just played along, calling each other sweetheart, darling and dear. What else do you do? I will have you know though that the food was totally worth it. Thanks again Darrell for taking me. 

Speaking of my BFF Neighbor... he has gotten into photography and I have invited him to the photography crew blog (which we are trying to think of a new name for because I have never loved it). Anyway... I took a picture of him in front of the graffiti wall, so its legit. He's in! Check it out here.

Sunday was the big change. A lot of the people in my ward were moved out. Including my new FHE BFF's. I was kind of sad about that. However, they all assured me that we would all still be friends. I hope so. We have some fun summer plans coming up.... I hope they all pan out because I have enjoyed hanging out with them all. Monday was my last FHE with them because I am going to be out of town next Monday. I was kind of sad... but it was good times. James and I made crepes for everyone. I thought that was a good note to end on. When I get back everything will be different. Which will be a little bit sad in some ways... but mostly good I think. 

One of the many nice things about having my parents close by again is that every week I get a BBQ dinner that is amazing. I really missed this when I moved out. Something else that I enjoy that I didn't think about until my parents moved close is that I get to invite friends to eat with me and my family. Until recently I forgot how great this is. In the future it will be a good test for guys that I date. I think it says a lot about a person how they interact with your family. Anyway... I took a guy friend this last weekend and he was SO great with my family. It was so refreshing after dating someone that wouldn't ever open up to my family. Its a big deal. Being able to see that early on will be really nice. It will make me like people even more that like my family and enjoy being around them. My family is awesome... so I don't see why you wouldn't enjoy spending time over there... but like I said, it says a lot about a person. 

This last weekend I went on 2 dates in one night. I think that's a record for me. I was pretty excited about that... even if I was completely interviewed in the second date.

I talk too much. I don't know if its because I sit a lone in an office all day so I crave attention when I am done with work... or if that doesn't matter and I crave the attention anyway... but I do. I talk too much. I went visiting teaching the other day and I was there for 2 hours. You ask me to tell you about something and I get all excited to tell a story and don't leave out any details. Maybe that is why I love my blog so much. Anyway... I'm sorry if this bugs anybody... I just like to talk. 


Lauren Graff said...

hahahahaha! I hate flying. Mostly because of all of the awkward things that happen on flights! Good call on buying the internet! I hope you have fun in Florida!

Kristy said...

you didn't tell me about the two dates... I'll ask you when you get back :)

Lori said...

A flight next to newly weds- you get to experience it all Tracy! A date where you got interviewed? And- I am a little jealous you now get to enjoy Dads BBQs. :)

Darrell said...

Yea, the food was great, and I'm glad that you are the type of person that can take teasing.

jamie hixon said...

Ok, now I have to hear about that second date.
The picture you chose is hilarious in context here.
Gross about the honeymooning couple. I hate PDA.
Yeah, I'm glad you get to bring boys home to meet the folks too. It does say a lot.
Yay for Thai food with good friends! Darrell seems cool.

THE LIZARD'S said...

hmm.. you gave so much good info there... where do i start? I like your new word, "legit" ..as in too letit to quit. ahhhh..who doesnt love MCHammer in his good days? This ages me, I know. Also, when I come visit you (hopefully sometime this decade) it will be nice to see your family again. And, sorry about the 19yr. olds who waited SO LONG to find eachother! LOL!!!