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Monday, July 12, 2010

St George

So lets talk about my trip to St George this weekend. It was short, but I have to say it was pretty awesome. St George Utah, is one of those cities that I have driven through so many times that I can't count, but I had never spent time there before. Well, I did spend the night there once. On my way to moving to Provo, Lolly came with me and we caravaned with Geedge and her mom. We stopped in St George to split up the trip. We didn't do anything there except go get food and then hang out at the pool at the hotel. Oddly enough, it happened to the same hotel I stayed at this trip. "The Budget Inn" is where our St George adventure begins.

As Lorelie and Tina go to the front desk to check in, Ashlee and I wait in the car and are chatting away. We have already talked about how I am a people watcher. I started watching this guy that walked by the car and looked to see who was in there. I saw him pace back and forth by the front door to the hotel, then watched him get real mad while he was talking to someone. Then he starts walking towards the car. Really? What could he possibly want? So Ashlee rolls down the window and we say hi. Supposedly he is on some baseball team and they left without him and he is trying to figure out if they left and how he was going to get there. Ashlee says sorry because she doesn't know how to help him. He is very serious this whole conversation. After Ashlee says sorry, he then leans over and pulls down his shades a little to look at me in the passengers seat, gives a little grin and says "Could you take me there?". I just was trying so hard not to laugh because he was trying to be so smooth. I am not sure why he thought he would try that on me instead of Ashlee. Maybe I looked like I would cave in? I don't know. We told him that we hadn't even checked in yet and if we took him he would be waiting around for a while. So he gave up and walked away. I don't know why.... but it sure made me laugh.

After checking into our hotel, we ate dinner at the most charming cafe called "TwentyFive Main". Can I just tell you how fun I think it would be to start up my own cafe. They have so much personality. I would love to decorate it and to create the menu and bake. Anywho, we were just loving this place. I took tons of pictures, but here are just a few. Total bonus that they also have awesome cupcakes. We were in heaven.

After dinner we walked down main street to see what St George had to offer us. We saw the Tabernacle.

Right after the Tabernacle there was this little park that had a water streams going through it that people could play in. Also a water fountain type thing that you could also play in. Smart thing to have since it gets SO wicked hot there.

After that we headed to Tuacahn, which I already told you about in the last post. One word. Awesome!

After that we all went to bed. We were beat. Next morning we visited the temple. It is beautiful.

We then checked out of the room. Had a healthy breakfast....

And went SHOPPING!!! Don't worry, I bought some new fun things and we discovered some awesome new stores! Found my new favorite store. "Rock n Rose". I could have spent A LOT of money there, but I held myself back. It is a cross between "The Buckle" and "Charlotte Rouse" AND its cheap! Can't get better than that. Actually, what would be better is if they had one in Provo and or online. They had just opened days before and this is the only place it is at. I guess I am going to be stopping here to shop on my way driving out in the future. :o)

After shopping we headed back to Provo for a birthday party at the park. St George was far more awesome than I expected, How could I pass by so many times without knowing. The trip was short but sweet, and I doubt that will be the last time any of us go for a visit.


Lauren Graff said...

I LOVE St. George! I went to Dixie for 2 years and LOVED it! Twenty-five and Main is so so cute and so good! You should start a cafe or bakery!! You would be so good at that! I love all of these posts and your fun life! :)

Darrell said...

I feel like it would be HOT there right now. Which I love.

THE LIZARD'S said...

hmmmmmmmmm. might just have to drive to st. george for some shopping....i'm just sayin!

s a r a s o d a 1 said...

Looks like SO much fun!!!
Next time you are down in St. George, you need to have lunch at Judd's Store (62 West Tabernacle Street)- they have THE BEST soup and breadsticks EVER!!! You have to get there early (11:30 am) - the food goes quickly!

Jeanna said...

Mmmm...those cupcakes/and all that food at the cafe look so delicious! Next time I go though St. George I'm definitely stopping.

Jeanna said...

P.s. I also agree you should open a cafe or bakery!

jamie hixon said...

That hotel looks awesome, as does everything else! I know what you mean about starting a cafe... it must be the childhood memories we have about Dad's bakery.