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Monday, July 18, 2011

Blog Stalking

Every now and again, I have someone come up to me and admit that they secretly blog stalk me. I mean... unless you leave a comment, I have no idea who is reading my blog. I am sure there are many that have not told me and some that have told me are hesitant to tell me.

On Sunday... I had a girl come up to me after church that I don't know very well... but we became facebook friends because she was roommates with one of my good friends. She told me she didn't want to come across as creepy... but that she facebook stalks me. She has looked through all of my pictures. People think when they tell me this sort of thing that I am going to be weirded out. In reality, I take it as a HUGE compliment. I mean... its basically telling me that they think me and my life is cool enough that they want to read about it or look at my pictures. I LOVE it when people tell me this. It totally makes my day.

That being said, that is not the reason why I started a blog. It's not a contest to see how many followers I can get or how cool people think I am. It was meant for me to have a journal and for my friends and family to read. When did I start getting all of the followers? I'm not really sure. Maybe when I started blogging more regularly? Who knows. I don't care, but I like what it has become. The fact that people feel like they know me and can approach me and talk to me when they don't know me very well and have something to talk about with me.... I think its awesome.

Today I received my first gift from one of my readers. She is also a friend... but the gift had to do with something I wrote on my blog and not talked to her about.... which made it all the more funny/awesome to me. She read my last confession's post and gave me some safe q-tips for my ears and a card that made me smile. Thanks Chelsea for the gift! It made my day. P.S. I also hope that hot men come into my life because I would love to blog about them. ;o)

Maybe one day... if I get enough readers / blog stalkers, I will make a "I stalk Brunette on the Internet" button that people could put on their blog. I don't think I'm that cool yet.


jamie hixon said...

I don't stalk... I follow! Loud and proud! That is way cool. I am the same way. When people tell me they stalk me, I take it as a compliment.

Darrell said...

I blog stalk you. Shamelessly.

Jennica said...

You are totally that cool. I love to stalk you.

Lori said...

Thanks for Blogging Tracy... I wish I could be more like you :)I need more journal entries!

Lynette Mills said...

a mom always blog stalks her kids... happily!

Chelsea said...

Yes! I was mentioned in the blog. I'm almost famous.
I'm glad I could make your day and be your first reader gift.
I think you have so many followers/cyberstalkers because you do fun things, have funny things happen to you and even when you are doing ordinary things, you are able to make them more exciting because you are a great storyteller.