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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 73

This last week I finally bought new work out clothes. It was LONG over due. Amazingly enough... when you buy new work out clothes, it makes you want to work out more. Maybe I should do it more often. :o) I just realized in the last couple of weeks of my different exercising that I have been doing at the gym at work... that it is good to have different types of work out clothes depending what you are doing. You know?

Today was Zumba day at the gym again. Just makes me happy. I think this is the one exercise that I do that I can truly say I love doing it as much as I love how I feel after I am done. Why was I not born a dancer? Seems like I should have been because of how much I love it. Oh well.

I am finally at the end of covering everything at work while my co-worker is gone. I made it. It was crazy... and sometimes mean Tracy would come out on some people... but I really tried to stay positive and keep it under control. Now I am ready for a vacation. :o) I am going to take one here pretty soon... I am going to go home to Santa Barbara in a couple of weeks. So excited. I'm ready.

It was SO great to have the long holiday weekend this last weekend... but I am so ready for the weekend again. Not that I have big plans for the weekend... but I just really enjoy my weekends. I always have great intentions to get a lot accomplished with my free time over the weekends... but it seems like the more free time I have, the less I do with it. Why is that? Its like I need to schedule out my chores on to do lists or else they won't happen. I'm so weird.

Something I have noticed the older I get, is that I love surrounding myself with positive people... because it makes me want to be more positive and it makes me happy. Being around people that are negative and gossipy just tires me. Realizing this has made me extra aware of what I am like. Obviously I want to to attract those people, so I need to be that person myself. I feel like I am always making an effort to give people compliments and try and be happy and positive about things. Not that I am not a happy and positive person, but I feel like I am easily dragged down by others... I have been made extra aware these days of how much I don't like that. I want to be the person that everyone likes and wants to be around. I want to uplift those around me. Like the Validation video. On my bike ride with Allyson she told me I was a very positive friend to have. It made my day because that is exactly the person I want to be. I am constantly working on it... but life is so much better that way. :o) Life is too short to be upset at little things. I have to tell myself that all the time. It's amazing how choosing to be happy or not affects so many things in your life. Its like domino's. Think about.


Lori said...

I need my to do lists to... maybe it's because we had them in our apron pockets every saturday :)

Katie H. said...

Did they finalize a date for our high school reunion?

T-Ray said...

Yes they did... Its going to be over Thanksgiving, so I can't go, but I am sure you can.

jamie hixon said...

I LOVE that little picture. Fabulous.
I never do anything. Maybe what I need is "to do" lists.
New work out clothes don't do anything for me. I just work out in old t-shirts and yoga pants. I look homeless. That is probably why I get weird looks at the gym.
Good for you and your positivity. I'm a fan of that as well. Gossip is lame.

Kristy said...

I agree about trying to be positive. It's hard sometimes but it helps a lot.

Lynette Mills said...

Love my girls.. you are all a very positive part of my life :)

Jessica Stark said...

When will you be in SB? I will be there August 5-15. If you are there during that time, we HAVE to get together. It has been way to long. And you can meet my little girl!