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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day/ Weekend

What a fun filled weekend. I love this Holiday... and even though I didn't go anywhere this year, I still had a relaxing, but fun weekend.

I wrote about Laser Tag with my friends. Later that night we met up again to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks. I would have rather have been at Stadium of Fire watching David Archuleta sing... but we all had a good time sitting out, enjoying each other's company and watching the fireworks. After the fireworks, to avoid the traffic we went to get some ice cream and walk around the temple.

Monday I made desserts for the family BBQ... because I wanted to put together a dessert table. My Aunt and Uncle were going to be there.... and all of our family that is in Utah, so I thought it would be a fun treat. It pretty much all got eaten. The little bit of left overs got taken to work the next day.

After stuffing ourselves, we went outside and started with the fireworks that my dad bought for the kids. The kids really loved the sparklers.

It rained a little... but that didn't stop the fireworks. :o)

I was going to meet up with Allyson to go watch the Fireworks at Thanksgiving Point... but with the rain, we decided not to. I ended up staying at my parents house in Mapleton... but turns out Fireworks are a big deal in their neighborhood. We ended up getting an hour and a half fireworks show of the big fireworks... all from my parents back porch. It was awesome.

I love my country. So glad I live in the good ol USA!


Lori said...

Looks like you had a great 4th! Wish I could have been there with the family :) love you

jamie hixon said...

That is an awesome picture of Chad with the sparkler! He looks great. And I love how happy Grant looks. How fun!

jamie hixon said...

Oh, PS your treats look FANTASTIC. I'm glad I wasn't there, I would have abandoned my cleanse and gained 5 pounds. They look delish AND pretty. Love the straw in the root beer cupcakes.

Lynette Mills said...

It was a fun 4th! Thanks Tracy for your addition to the eats!!