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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 75

This morning, I flew out of the Provo Airport. It was so awesome. It only takes 10 minutes to drive there vs driving to Salt Lake City. Small airport. Like the Santa Barbara Airport. I am pretty sure because flights are so new going out of there that they only have one flight that leaves a day and one that comes in. It's small. Its great. Because this is all so new, right now only Frontier is flying out of Provo and only to Denver. Yes... I am going home and this takes me in the opposite direction, but here me out. Delta no longer does non-stop flights from SLC to Santa Barbara, therefore no matter what, I was going to have a layover. Flying out of Provo, as it turns out, was not only cheaper than the flights going out of SLC but it also had a shorter layover than if I would have flown to LA and waited there. So... all around it was a really good thing. Love it. Everyone on this flight was full of Provo locals that were so excited over the convenience of flying out of Provo. Everyone was pretty excited to be there. I sat next to a guy goingt o BYU that was on his way to Chicago for some sort of research for school. We had a fun talk and that flight flew by. It was going to be his first time to Chicago... so I got to share with him some of my experiences when I went to Chicago. Love that city.

Since I have a layover, I am kind of bored at the Denver Airport. Waiting at my terminal I have seen two other flights go before people are even showing up for my flight. Thank goodness that Denver has free Wi-Fi. Since I have nothing but time to spare... why not write my confessions post, so here I am.

So something I forgot to write about in my confessions last week was that I got a text on Sunday night from my friend Danny. I got to know him because he was one of the guys that went tutoring with me every week. Danny is a funny guy. Seriously. I feel like everything that comes out of that guys mouth is funny. So I get a text from him inviting me to a movie marathon night. I asked him what they would be watching and he told me "We will be celebrating one of the finest actors of our time" I asked who that was and he said Nicholas Cage. I laughed and then asked him what movies we would be watching then. He responded "The Wicker Man" Bangkok Dangerous" & "Season of the Witch". Thinking that Danny might be slightly serious (hard to tell with text messaging) I text back and say that I had never heard of any of those movies. He replied "Nobody has, they are sure to be terrible". I then laughed and said I would be there. I didn't get to watch all 3, but I caught most of Bangkok Dangerous and all of Wicker Man and they were indeed terrible. He dies in all of them too. ha ha. We got a good laugh while watching these movies. What an entertaining night.

So I love living next to the park, but it really has it's set backs. MOSQUITO'S!!! At the cobbler party... I seriously was attacked. Like... eaten alive. If you look at my legs and feet, it looks like I have the chicken pox or some sort of other weird disease. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

So in Relief Society on Sunday, I was sitting next to my good friend Jessica... who was very tired. She happened to fall asleep towards the end of the lesson and sorted herself awake. It was pretty loud. She then covered her head and leaned down hiding on my shoulder. Tina and I were holding in the laughter so much that we were both crying. It was so funny. A lot of people heard... but thankfully not the teacher. :o)

So as you all know, I have been going to the gym everyday with my co-worker Lauren on our lunch break at work. I am one that does not sweat a lot, however, I turn very pink/red in the face. I am not sure why... but when my face is this color, everyone feels the need to comment on it. Nothing new... I have been getting these comments since grade school. I thought people would grow out of asking, thinking it was self explanatory... but apparently not. My co-worker Alex also goes to the gym almost everyday. He started calling me "Pink Face" or "Pinky". Cute right? Not really. One time he told me... it was okay that I got pink in the face because he just sweats a lot. So when he calls me Pinky, I call him "Sir Sweats A Lot". I have to fight back right? Anyway... last Friday he pings me at work and says "Pinky, What time are you and Lauren going to the gym today? -Sir Sweats A Lot" I don't know why.... but it really made me laugh. He is a funny guy. I enjoy working with him.

At the Hoe Down, Allyson and I met this guy in our stake that drives around a Limo. Its a 91. Just cause. He has a sweet sound system in there and has it set up so you can watch movies. He let us sit in there and we listened to some music. I thought it was so funny. Interesting choice for a car to drive around Provo. Speaking of Limo's... there was this huge Limo parked by my mailbox all weekend. I don't know who it belonged to, probably a friend of our crazy neighbor's since they had a Fiesta party that lasted all weekend. All I know is that the Limo was huge and it had a super crappy spray paint job. Just Sayin.


Kel said...

good to know about that Provo flight to Denver. happy travels Trace!

Lynette Mills said...

You inherited that red face from me... just so you know!

Lori said...

good for you getting in that gym everyday pinky :) what a funny guy. and a limo for a car... well, remember when dad talked about getting one for our family car! where do you park though?!?

jamie hixon said...

Is that a picture of the actual limo that was parked on your street? So funny.
Sometimes I feel like seeing sucky movies. Strange, I know. Good to know some more titles just in case I run out of bad movies to watch. Nick Cage suck-a-thon. Ha!
I turn pink too. But people at my gym are too nice to call attention to my face. Actually, there is a dark room that always plays movies where I sometimes go to recover a little bit before I pick up the kids.
Also, the Sir Sweats A Lot comment made me laugh out loud. For real.
Good times.

Tracy said...

Yes Jamie, that is a picture I took of the limo parked outside by my mailbox. It was huge with crappy paint job.