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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hoe Down

Tonight our Stake had a Chili Cook-Off and Hoe Down. It was a great turn out. There were at least 30 different kids of Chili to choose from. The two that I tried were awesome. After dinner they had some games set up and then the Hoe Down started!!!

We were encouraged to dress up. They had people teaching different country line dances. I would say the majority of the people there participated in the dancing which made it that much more fun. I LOVE organized dances. I mean... we all already know that dancing in general makes me happy, but organized and especially partner dance is the best. Dance that takes skill and working together to get the steps down to make the dance work is a lot of fun. I loved every minute of it. After the Hoe Down they played hip hop and people danced for a couple more hours. It was good times.

I should have taken more pictures... I guess I was too busy dancing, but here is one of Allyson and I in our country outfits. Great stake activity.


Lori said...

hoe down and chili cookoff... sounds like a blast :)

jamie hixon said...

Sounds way fun. I've been craving chili lately, maybe I'll make some tomorrow.
PS you are cute.