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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 76

It was so good to be back home in Santa Barbara. My time there was not long enough. I didn't get enough time at the beach. I wish I could have seen more people, but for the short amount of time that I was there... I saw A LOT of people. It was awesome. It was also so great to bond with my sister and nephews more. I wish that I could go more often. I am pretty excited for the next time I go home though... Dave, a guy from my home ward, told me that when I get scuba certified, he would take me out to the Channel Islands with him and we would scuba together. SO FUN!!!

Speaking of getting scuba certified... I am a little nervous to get certified, but I am also very excited. I am even more excited that I am getting certified with one of my good friends, Desiree. We have been talking about doing it together for over a year now. I signed us up, we both paid for the class, I picked up our books today and we start classes on Monday. Hopefully the nervousness goes away once you are doing it. I will let you know. So glad that ear infection is gone...

It has been raining a lot this week. I feel like we have had SO much rain this year. Kind of crazy. I enjoy rain with the thunder and lightening storms... but what a strange summer it has been.

It was so hard to go back to the gym this week after not going for 5 days. I went to Pilates on Tuesday and it KICKED. MY. BUTT. Seriously... so sore the next day and even a little bit today. I really suck at Pilates, but I just keep hoping I'm going to get better at it. I think I have noticed a little bit of improvement with my posture. I know its good for me... I just really hate doing it. Don't worry... i will continue to go and not give up. I also leave that class feeling a little depressed. Not only because I can't do it as well as most of the others in the class (including the guys that go) but also because I am in this class with older people (some women in their 40's) and they looked better than I do. Super thin and beautiful and really fit. I am pretty sure I am the biggest one in the class. Again, it won't stop me from going... I just leave the class every time feeling just a little bit down. Oh Pilates.... you kill me.

Sunday night, my sister and I drove through the night to come back to Utah (my sister is here for a visit). We left at 8:30 (kids bed time) thinking it would be easier on the kids because they would just sleep through the drive. That was pretty incorrect. It was a really long drive. We ended up getting home at around 9 in the morning. Something I thought about while we were in the very early morning of the drive (and this is actually something I mentioned to my sister) was that I can't believe I used to stay up all night for fun. I mean... I am a night owl and everything, but I remember thinking it was so fun to stay up all night with my friends. As my sister and I switched off driving and chatted and trying to keep each other awake... I thought about how miserable I was and that I just wanted to sleep. Why did I used to do that for fun? Turns out its not fun at all!

Yesterday at work, there were only 4 of us there, so my manager decided that we should go out to lunch. He chose this Thai place in Springville. Yum. LOVE Thai food. Funny... last time we all went out to lunch, we got Indian food, this time Thai. I kind of love that my co-workers like a variety of food, because I don't typically get to eat at a lot of different places on the rare occasion that I go out with my friends to dinner. (I try not to go out to eat much). Anyway... we had a good time. He later got us all treats from down at the Cafe too. Good day.

Speaking of the Cafe, there is a girl that works at the cash register. I don't really know her much at all, but I do know that she is one of the nicest people. EVERY time that I go down to the cafe she compliments me on something. My hair, nail polish, purse, my outfit. Its such a self esteem booster. She is just like this all of the time. It makes me love going down to the cafe to get food. I admire people like that. I try to be more like that, but it doesn't come as naturally to me as I would like it to. I think we need more people like that in the world. Seriously.

Today after work, my sister (that came back with me to Utah) and my parents came and picked me up and we went up past Sundance to meet up with my Aunt and Uncle and two of my cousins at a little camp site to have dinner with them and have S'more's. It was so fun to hang out with my family tonight. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have such a great family. I just assume that everyone does... but when talking to a friend this week, I realized that is not the case at all. I really love my family (immediate and extended). I love visiting my family. I'm so lucky that I have such a great family where all of my siblings are happy in their marriages and have married good people. I really do feel lucky to have that. I always want to maintain the wonderful relationship that I have with them. I thought about this as I was hanging out with some of them tonight. I loved being able to spend time with my Aunt, Uncle and couple of cousins. What great family I have. Not only did I get to spend the evening with family, but I also got to do it up in the mountains with beautiful surroundings. Running creeks, pine trees, the fresh air, the camp fire. We live in such a beautiful world.

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jamie hixon said...

Wow. I'm jealous. Hanging with the fam out in nature... that must have been awesome.
I try to be like that girl that gives validation (and the guy on that "validated" video)- and I feel like it comes naturally at church, but it is a bit hard every other moment I'm alive.
We finally started getting rained on, love it.
I know how you feel in pilates... the last time I went to yoga, the teacher asked me if I was pregnant. I decided to just stick with eliptical for a while.