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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lauren's Baby Shower

Yesterday I went to my cousin Lauren's baby shower. Lauren is the cousin I have always been closest to, so its been fun to live close to her and be able to see her fall in love, attend her wedding and now attend her baby shower. I can't wait to meet baby Taylor.

It was a small shower, Just close family and friends, which was nice. We had a nice brunch while we all chatted.

Then we watched Lauren open presents. She got a lot of really cute stuff. A lot of cute things that were home made as well.

I'm so excited for Lauren. I love her a lot and know she is going to be an amazing mom.


Lori said...

I didn't know she was pregnant... cool. That is very exciting for her and the family. When is she due?

T-Ray said...

August 10th!

jamie hixon said...

It is so crazy to see that skinny skinny cousin with a big belly! How fun. That cake is cute, and I always love diaper cakes. Looks like a nice party.

Lynette Mills said...

you captured it well Tracy. It was a very nice shindig