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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mr. Country Dancer

I have not been back country dancing in a few months. Not that I don't love dancing... because I do. Country music is not really my thing and the "regulars" were a little too much for me to handle on a regular basis. I do love dancing, but I mostly would go back to dance with Dance Crush. The last time I went, we danced almost the entire night and he asked me out for a second date and it was good. However, he now has a girlfriend. Don't be sad guys, its okay. It was fun while it lasted and it just wasn't meant to be for me and Dance Crush.

Although I only wanted to dance with Dance Crush went I went dancing... I had to dance with many other guys throughout the night. A lot of these guys were so.... interesting that it made me laugh and made me want to do a post on it. This will be much like "Mr. Internet" in the fact that it is not just about one guy, but "Mr. Country Dancer" represents many of the guys that have asked me to dance when I go country dancing. Many of these guys are the regulars. They go every Wednesday AND Saturday... so no matter when you go, you can't escape them1

#1 Country Dancer = a guy from Mexico that has asked me to dance several times. He is a lot shorter than me. It's a bit awkward because he doesn't like to talk because he doesn't know English very well, he just knows how to dance country romantica.

#2 Country Dancer = A younger fellow who has a dream to be a cop. If the cop plan fails.... he wants to be security for a place like.... Novell. He would ALWAYS ask me to dance at least once each time I went. He always gave me an update on his schooling and whether or not he was failing his tests. Before he asked me to dance... without fail he would come up to me and pretend that he didn't see me then bump into me real hard and say... " Opps! Sorry Tracy, I didn't see you there". You would think that would get old fast, but he must have thought it was pretty great, because he not only did it to me every time I went country dancing, but he also would do the same thing again in the same night. He also didn't know how to country dance and would slow dance during the fast songs..... AWKWARD!!!

#3 Country Dancer = Older guy (late 30's early 40's) that is still in school. He asked me to dance more than once and each time we had the same chat... he would tell me that he was behind in his Anatomy class so he would go country dancing. Wondering why country dancing would be the solution? I sure wondered when he told me. He told me that dancing and studying the movement of dancing helped him with his anatomy homework. ummmm.....

#4 Country Dancer = " Hi, whats your name?"
Me: "My name is Tracy"
#4 Country Dancer "Where do you work?"
Me: "Novell, what about you?"
#4 Country Dancer "Oh, I make facebook games"
Me: "Seriously?"
#4 Country Dancer "Yep, seriously"
Me: "Like what kind of games"
#4 Country Dancer "Oh, my most recent game I created for facebook was a dancing Zombie Game"
Me: "Oh... w.. wow, how interesting...."

#5 Country Dancer "Nice to meet you Tracy, where are you from?"
Me: "California. How about you?"
#5 Country Dancer "I'm from Idaho, but my parents moved to Utah. I actually moved in with my parents"
Me: "Oh...."
#5 Country Dancer "Actually... my parents moved in with me"
Me: "Say What?"
#5 Country Dancer "yeah, they needed a place to stay so I let my parents move in with me and my 7 roommates."
Me: "Uhhh Come again? 7 Roommates? That sounds like an interesting situation"
#5 Country Dancer "Oh no, its great. I love living with my parents and my friends really love having my parents around too, so its a super great situation actually."
Me: "That's cool I guess then...." *Still not convinced and thinking how weird/ awkward that is*

Are there just a lot of weird people in the world? Or does Country Dancing Attract a weirder bunch?  Ha ha... I always get a good laugh after dancing with these people.


Kristy said...

Don't you miss all those weird guys? You should totally still go dancing once a week...maybe twice! :)

Darrell said...

Haha, I think this post brings up a great point.

Tip Junkie said...

Gael contacted me because she is the movies editor at MSNBC.com/TODAY.com and would LOVE to feature your Harry Potter Birthday Party.

However, they need your pictures quickly because they’re featuring them this Friday. You can upload them yourself here http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/43716775.

I’m so excited for you. Whoohoo!!

Laurie {TipJunkie.com}

Vivian said...

Great post. I love conversations like these, when meeting new people. For me, when I am in the middle of it I'm trying to be positive and smiling and nodding... then later I think "WHAT??"

Oh and congrats on being featured! I'm excited to see how that turns out!

Lori said...

Sounds like a good time Tracy. Don't be to hard on country music though :) watch out, it grows on you. haha
Are you making money off your blogging yet!?!

jamie hixon said...

BAAAhahahhaaaaahahaha!! I cannot stop laughing. Country romantica? Dancing zombies? Parents and 7 roommates? This is the best.

Lynette Mills said...