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Monday, July 11, 2011

Lawanna's Birthday Party

Saturday a friend in the ward, Lawanna had a big birthday party and she asked me if I would take pictures. It was quite the event. The party went on for 4 hours and it was happening the whole time. This party took place at the park right by where we all live... we took up a large part of the park. There was some kid's birthday party going on next to ours.... all the kids were just looking at our party the whole time wanting to join in. Poor kids.

Here are some highlights of the party. There was a DJ (who did an awesome job).


Slip and Slide

Dunk Tank


Including BBQ

Slushie Machine

Snow Cones

Carmel Apples

And of course... Cupcakes!

The Birthday Girl! Happy Birthday Lawanna!


Lori said...

that is a MAJOR birthday party...she spared no expense! wow.

jamie hixon said...

WHAT?!? That party looks off the hook! And that food is to DIE FOR. Well, I don't think I will actually die because I get to eat normal food tomorrow!
PS Sad for those kids! Aww...

Lynette Mills said...

Where did that money come from ????

T-Ray said...

I heard that there was a money pool that people could donate too... I think a lot of people volunteered to make food and I think some people's family owned some of the things... I guess the girl has connections.