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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cobbler Party

On Thursday the VERY talented Miss Melissa Nickle threw a Cobbler Party/ Goodbye Party for a good friend in the ward, Sara Whitaker. Sara left for California. Sad day. I'm more jealous than anything. Anyway... I had to blog about this party. Melissa does a Cobbler party every summer and I remember last summer regretting that I didn't bring my camera. I was NOT going to make that mistake again this year.

Melissa is SO talented. I loved the way she decorated for this party. She made all the pin wheels. I LOVED it.

The food was all really good and displayed beautifully of course. Melissa doesn't do it any other way! I absolutely loved the peach tree.

She also had a table set up so that people could write goodbye notes to Sara. We are all going to miss Sara. She is an awesome girl. I loved that she had it set up so that you could clip your note to the hanging string. Melissa is so creative.

Then of course we have the amazing cobbler. The main event of the party. There was no messing around when it came to the cobbler. They were displayed beautifully, you had a variety to choose from and they all tasted AMAZING!

Goodbye Sara! We will miss you... a lot. You for sure know you were loved because what an amazing goodbye party this was. We love you!


Lori said...

what a great party... are those stands made for displaying cobbler? looked so fancy :) and yummy!

T-Ray said...

She actually uses them to display flowers for weddings. She came up with the idea to use them for the cobbler one night. SO clever. It did make it a lot more fancy. :)

A Little Cuppa Tea said...

I'm so sad I had to miss it! Sara will be missed, and Melissa rocked that party. Loved the decor, and the fun ideas, and of course that cobbler is to die for!

Abby Wright said...

Finally went back and caught up on all my Tracy blogging! Had to read like 12 posts still I caught up! FEWWWW I love your blog!! The coutnry dancing one was great! Been there done that.

Karen Ella said...

I must say, my friends SERIOUSLY know how to throw a party. The amount of gorgeous parties that occur in our part of the 801 is crazy!

jamie hixon said...

Awww, always sad when a good friend moves away... but what an awesome party. Great ideas, great decor, and the cobbler looks SOOOO good. I don't make cobbler often because I'd be eating it all by my lonesome, which would not be pretty.

Lynette Mills said...

cobbler in dutch ovens is the best... I've never seen it displayed so nice.

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Those cobbler display stands are fabulous for a party! And the contents look soooo yummy!