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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cheers to the Freakin Weekend

I'll drink to that! Okay... that is from a song, but I thought it was appropriate for the pictures. Last Friday Vicki and I went on a little friend date to Spark. I had a gift certificate there that a friend gave me for Christmas last year and it was about to expire. So we used it. It was Vicki's first time to Spark. She liked it. We want to go back. They have a lot of fun drinks. I blogged about it here and also went back another time on a date.

We had a nice little dinner and a little dessert that we shared. Everything was super good.

We of course also ordered drinks. Vicki loved that there was cotton candy in hers. :)

It was also all cute and decorated for Christmas and had cute Christmas music playing. You know... before Thanksgiving, I am so ANTI- Christmas. I hate that it is shoved in my face right after Halloween. When I am shopping in the store I have to try to ignore all the Christmas stuff and tell myself NOT to sing along with the Christmas music playing over the speakers. ha ha... but the day after Thanksgiving is over, I am all about it. This was the day after, so I was like... bring it on. ha ha. So there you go, my first Christmasy post. LOTS more to come. :)

Thanks Vick for coming with me to Spark. Let's go again.


Vicki S said...

YAY! I loved our friend date :) Let's get more drinky drinks at Spark!

Darrell said...

This post made me hungry and thirsty all at once.

jamie hixon said...

I totally have to go there when I come into town. For reals. And that is coming right up! And amen to Darrell.