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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 91

Another crazy week in my crazy life. Still not getting enough sleep. Either out until late hours of the night or talking on the phone until late hours of the night. Friday we actually didn't have hairspray practice... I didn't know what to do with myself... ha ha... I ended up relaxing at home with Rachel and trying out this new BBQ place. It was nice. Every once in a while I need to relaxing night at home where I don't do anything. Next day I am ready to be out again though. Saturday I had early morning hairspray practice and then I cleaned the house just to go back and run through hairspray one more time before show time. That is pretty much what my Saturday was dedicated to. I still need to blog about the show. I have lots of pictures. I am glad that it is over, but I kind of miss practices just because I miss hanging out with all of those people I started out not knowing anyone except for Wes and Oliver and ended with a bunch of new friends. We had fun together.

After the show on Saturday Wes and I showed up late to our good friend Brittany's birthday dinner still dressed in our Hairspray costumes. We got some funny looks, but we didn't care. After dinner we went to an after party with our Hairspray friends. After that James came over to hang out. It was a long and tiring but fun day.

Sunday was busy but pretty normal. Got together with some friends and had a discussion of how we are going to form a movement to get rid of clowns. It was a funny conversation, but seriously... I wouldn't mind getting rid of clowns forever. They are pretty creepy.

Monday was the start of a new week. I never look forward to Mondays. I was kind of looking forward to this Monday though because we were supposed to go to the movies. All the sudden my manager decided against it. Everyone doesn't argue against it but counts on me to try and change his mind (with no support). So I wrote an email to everyone with a top 10 list of reasons of why we should go to the movies that day. It was unfortunately not successful. I thought the list was pretty legit though and it made some people laugh and its a good thing that I didn't get in trouble for it. Some of the things on the list included following through with promises, showing Jomon (our co-worker that was in town from Ireland) the American Cinema and that going to the movies would help us forget how cold it was outside.  Anyway... it didn't work, but I am going to give it a try next week and I am thinking it will work then.

On Tuesday, James took me with him to visit his old roommates (one of which is FHE Boy) who I used to have a crush on. We pretty much had stopped talking because he started dating someone and they dated for 6 or 7 months and were going to get engaged... but they broke up. I felt bad because he seemed  to still be having a hard time. It was good to see them and hang out with them again though. I always did love hanging out at their apartment because they were so funny and entertaining. Still are.

I have been thinking about all the goals that I had set for myself this year. This year is almost over and there are a lot of things that I have not accomplished yet. I am too determined to give up on my goals... so I will have to be playing catch up in these next two months (which are busy months) I hope that I can pull it off!

Wednesday and Thursday were spent moving offices. We went from the 5th floor down to the 4th floor and it didn't seem like it would be that big of a deal for me to move since I don't have that much stuff... but it was kind of a pain. I set up my computer in my new office and it got a bad virus... again! So my computer was taken away from me to be fixed and was gone for almost 2 full days which means I couldn't really do my work. However, we also had to move ALL of our files. We had hired some temps to do it, so I didn't think I would have to help much, but I was helping for two days move heavy boxes and putting all of our files back into the file cabinets in their new location. It was kind of irritating that all the girls were moving heavy boxes while the guys all just sat there. Ugh... My back and arms are kind of sore but at least it is all done now. My office is still a mess, but I will deal with that later. Oh, I also have two monitors now... which will be really nice. I also have my window office now. So... should be nice. It will be weird for a little while though to have the change.

With the move... it was pretty tiring. I was also leaving for a road trip this weekend, so I didn't really go grocery shopping, so I didn't have a lot of food to bring to work like I normally did. On our first day of the move I said out loud to my co-worker for my boss and manager to hear that I felt like we should have pizza on our moving day. Next thing I know... I hear my boss ordering pizza. My co-worker was so impressed with it. I make food and activities happen in our department. My co-worker said it is like having my own wish fairy at work. I just have to say what I want and my boss makes it come true. ha ha. Not a bad deal. The next day... since we were still moving, my boss brought in doughnuts for everyone (which was nice). When I went to go grab one, I looked in the box. There were many different kinds to choose from, but two in the box looked funny to me. I turn to my boss and say "Do those doughnuts have Fruity Pebbles on top?" and he says yes like it is normal. SICK!!! My co-worker Lauren and I were so grossed out by it. However we had to try a little bit of it just to make sure it was as gross as it looked... and it totally was. ha ha. Do yourself a favor and never try one of those. I mean... who's idea was it to put that together anyway? Not the best idea.


Lori said...

Nice to have an office window and a boss who listens and is so nice :) Hope you are enjoying your road trip!

Ashley said...

doughnuts with fruity pebbles...gross

jamie hixon said...

Still hanging out with James, huh? ;-)
I can't wait for the post on your Hairspray performance! I have been waiting!
I am not a fan of Mondays. My kids have been watching TV for 2 hours while I try to wake up and get it together.
I think it is great that your boss does whatever you say most of the time. You email sounded hilarious.
And yeah, Fruity Pebbles? That is odd.

Lynette Mills said...

glad to catch up on your life... as usual