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Friday, November 4, 2011

Flashback Friday 37

Since it is now November... I still can't believe it is November already, I thought that I would flashback to different Thanksgiving celebrations (we will see how many I have actually documented.

We will start with 2007. My Uncle Dale and Aunt Teresa invited all of the family (my mom's side) that were in Utah to come to Thanksgiving at their house. My Aunt Sharleen was in town from Washington and my parents were in town and my sister Jamie and her family were in town as well. It is always fun to be with family. I always enjoy spending time with my cousin Lauren too since she was one of the few cousins my age. We have stayed pretty close over the years. Here are some pictures from that get together. *The picture of my dad with my nieces on his back is from the same visit, different day.*

 My mom with her brother and sister


Lynette Mills said...

fun time had by all I think...

jamie hixon said...

Fun! I hardly remember that! But I DO remember that is the first time I saw the movie hairspray... and we stayed with Uncle Dale. Asher was such a little lump!