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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 90

I'm so tired. It is starting to get really cold. I'm really busy. I'm starting to get in a funk. I don't like being in a funk. I'm not depressed... I am just not as happy as I normally am... This seem to irritate me more, I'm a little more sensitive and I feel like everyone is against me. I hate being in a funk. I don't know if it is just me or if it is because of other people around me that are down that causes me to get down too. I am not sure, but I need to make a plan to help get myself out of it.

On Monday (Halloween) I went to Pilates and my instructor came dressed as a gypsy and taught class and did pilates like that. She also had a fun Halloween playlist for us to work out to. I love it. We also had trick or treaters at work on Friday. I love having the kids coming to my office trick or treating. I think my favorite costumes were Zelda and Bruno Marz. There were a lot of super cute kids though. One little toddler came dressed as a cupcake. Oh my she was cute.

Monday was super busy with quarter end. I was so happy when it was over.. although it was really busy the next day for me too.

Friday I went out on a date with a friend of a friend. He was nice, but it was a little bit awkward. Fortunately and unfortunately it was not awkward/ bad enough to blog about. After I watched Footloose for the first time with my roommates who had also never seen it before. Hot Rod became even more funny after watching it. I am trying to decide how bad I want to see the new one. I mean, I am sure I will see it. Not in a rush though even though my roommates said they loved it. I'm glad I saw the old one first.

We have been in meetings all day these last couple of days because we have all of our co-workers that work in different offices and out of their homes in town and in the office. It is always kind of fun but I have a hard time sitting through that many meetings. I have to draw to stay awake. We did get to go to lunch at Tuccano's today. That made me pretty happy. I had not eaten there in a long time.

Yesterday my friend James called me while I was at work. My office door was open and my phone was turned up loud for some reason. It was funny/embarrassing because everyone heard his ringtone... which happens to be "Careless Whisper". There is a story behind that and it has to do with Sexy Sax Man on YouTube and a video of our own that hopefully one day we will finish. Regardless, they didn't know the story. They all just heard Careless Whisper playing from my office and my boss and his boss both were like "What the... what is that? Make it stop!" ha ha. I was still hearing about it today at work. In fact the manager brought it up in our meeting today in front of everyone. I have to admit every time he call me I chuckle a little. It is funny.

I look back on this last week and all I can think about is Hairspray. I have watched the movie twice. Once on Friday with my roommates after Footloose because they had never seen it before and I was trying to get outfit ideas and once tonight while I was over at some girls house in the ward that are in the show with me. It is probably all I can think about because I feel like that is all I have been doing. Because it is the week of the show, we have been practicing every night. I had no idea that a 5 minute production was going to be such a huge time commitment. For all this time I hope it turns out awesome. It is turning out cute though. I have a lot of fun with my partner Bronson too. I will be happy when it is over in a couple of days though.

I don't know why I started doing this... and I don't remember when I started doing this, but on Friday when I get home from work, I turn on my lava lamp that I have had since I was in Jr High (when they were popular). I know they went out of style, but I just liked it too much that I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it. One time I thought it was broken because the lava was not forming the way it was supposed to. We were going to throw it off the roof, but some how it ended up in the refrigerator. When I took it out of the fridge I decided to give it another try for some reason before I got rid of it. And it worked again, like new... so I decided to never doubt the lava lamp again. Anyway... that was like 6 years ago. Now I turn it on Friday after work and I don't turn it off until Sunday night when I am going to go to bed. It is like how you know it is the weekend or not when you are down in the basement. Ashley and Vicki took notice to the lava lamp while they were spending the night so I told them I only turn it on during the weekends. So... now it has become a Friday tradition. Every friday Ashley sends me a HeyTell with the stupid Rebecca Black's Friday song that I hate so much and I send her a picture of my lava lamp. I think she got the better end of the deal... I mean one day she could put together a flip book and it would be pretty legit. :) So excited to turn it on tomorrow after work.


flux biota. said...

you'll get outta the funk. I swear, at our age, hormones rule your life. I started keeping a mood calendar to prove to myself I wasn't batty, turns out my moods are very predictable. hormones. blah.

jamie hixon said...

That "Friday" song wouldn't be so bad if she didn't sound like she was a cat getting run over by a steamroller every time she sang the word "Friday." I mean, the words are beyond stupid... but it is her nasally closed tone that I don't appreciate.

I still haven't seen either Footloose or Hot Rod. Those should be on my list. But Hairspray is one of my favorites. I cannot WAIT to see your skit. You had BETTER have at least one person filming.

By the way, I only made Asher's wig, not his costume. I borrowed stuff from Amy and made do with what we had.

Lynette Mills said...

looking forward to seeing your skit! only 3 more hours