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Monday, November 7, 2011

Mr. Accident

This story is not my own... but it made me laugh too hard not to share it. This is actually someone that my co-worker knows. (maybe.. the more the story is told, the more I am not sure I believe it, but it is very funny all the same) They were talking about worst date stories and this one was told.

It all started when Mr Accident was on his way to pick up his date. This is where he got his name. This is where the accident happened. He sneezed so hard that he ...uh... pooped his pants a little. Embarrassing huh? Instead of going home to change and take care of everything (like most normal people would) he didn't want to be late to pick up his date, so he went to go pick her up. Meanwhile he still has crap in his pants.

He picks up his date and he asks her if they can make a quick stop at the store so he could pick up some things (like new underwear and pants).  So they go to the store. For some reason he expects her to stay in the car, but she does not. Mr. Accident comes up with a plan. He tells her that he needs to buy a sweater for his friend. After he picked up the sweater... he tried to pick up his undies and pants while he sent his date to stay in the check out line. When he gets up to pay for his things, Mr. Accident leans over to the cashier to tell her he doesn't REALLY want the sweater... he really just wanted the undies and pants and to just put the sweater aside. So she said "Of course, not a problem". He grabs his bag and still does not visit the bathroom but goes straight to the car to pick up the other couple for their double date. They did that. I have to wonder that by this point he is pretty smelly. Right?

For their double date they decided to go to the Heber Creeper and ride the train. As soon as they got on the train and found their seats, Mr. Accident finally excused himself to the bathroom. You know... to take care of his messed up business. He takes care of it... feeling better... but not for long. He decides that he needs to get rid of his messy underwear and pants. So what does he do? Mr. Accident throws them out the window of the train. He then reaches into the shopping bag to pull out his new undies and pants only to find the sweater... and NOTHING else! Oh dear. The Cashier lady did NOT understand him. How do you solve this one now? I bet he was thinking to himself at this point... *you know, I should have just gone home and taken care of the problem right away and called my date I was going to be late*

Mr. Accident is now in the train bathroom with no pants or underwear on and holding a sweater. Without any better solutions he puts his legs through the arms of the sweater. Unfortunately there is a hole where the neck  should be and it was still quite revealing. So what did he do? Could he really go back to his date and the others at this point and explain what happened? (I don't blame him for that ) So what did he do? He wrapped that sweater around his bottom half and he jumped off the train SERIOUSLY jumped off the moving train. He walked however long it was back to the car and drove home leaving his date and other couple on the date stranded and not having a clue of where Mr. Accident was.

I laughed so hard that I cried when telling this story to a couple of guys. It is super funny... but so many things went so wrong. It could have all been simply avoided. What do you think the moral of this story is?


Bre said...

nooooooo way. nooooooooo way. This can't be true!!!! Serioiusly!?!?!?!

Tracy said...

Yeah, So after writing this story and telling a few people, I think it may be an urban legend that has been going around. I still want to believe it, but I think it is probably not true. Either way... it is an entertaining story right?

Lori said...


A Little Cuppa Tea said...

That was seriously the funniest story last night! You made me cry and my abs hurt so bad afterwards. Thanks for a good laugh!

jamie hixon said...


Lynette Mills said...

Probably started at some truth or dare party... funny