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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Scuba Party

About a month ago, I got this in the mail...

It is my Scuba Certification card. So when I go to rent scuba equipment and go scuba diving... they will actually let me go, because I am now legit. Desiree and I talked about getting scuba certified together for so long that when we finally completed and it was official, we decided it was worth throwing a party. So we did. And why have a party if it is not going to be done cute? So... I brought some stuff from my bathroom over (since it is beach themed). We hung my shower curtain to the wall and Desiree's tablecloth happened to be the perfect color.

Desiree bought some shrimp and sushi. Both very good.

I made cupcakes. I had a vision of what I wanted the cupcakes to be like. This included using fondant. I had never used fondant before, so my friend, Rachel, taught me how to color and mold fondant. It was great to learn because I think I will be using it a lot in the future. Since this was my first time... I had no idea how the cupcakes would turn out. Rachel helped me, but she had never done anything like this before (scuba and fish) but the cupcakes turned out way better than I had even imagined. I LOVE them. I love that they are bright and colorful and that we added bubbles and seaweed. I love how my goggles and snorkel turned out. The fish and shells were awesome. I just loved it. Rachel and I had so much fun making them together too.

They were also a big hit at the party.

It was so fun to get together with Desiree again and celebrate our scuba certification. I am still SO glad we did it together. She is such a great scuba buddy. Thanks for everything Des. Here's to future dives together!


jamie hixon said...

Yay for being legit! You are a walking party.

Lori said...

Awesome! That looks like it was a great celebration party, how fun. Congratulations on your accomplishment :)

Desiree' said...

Yay for being scuba certified! I STILL have not gotten my card in the mail. I'm SO bugged about it but whatever. I had a blast at the party. Your decorations and cupcakes MADE it!

Lynette Mills said...

cupcakes = CUTE!

A Little Cuppa Tea said...

The party looks awesome, thanks for letting me play with the fondant and make fishes, seaweed, and eels! Treasured night time fun with you!